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Fairbanks and the Surrounding Areas

  • Fairbanks Visitor Bureau
  • City Bus Schedule
  • Denali Park
  • Chena Hot Springs
  • Fairbanks Lingo
    • Outside:  leaving Alaska to go somewhere else. 
      • Megan:  "I was thinking about going outside over Christmas break"
      • Shelly: "Yeah, where to?"
      • Megan: "Hawaii."
    • Dry Cabin:  a cabin with no running water and an outhouse.  Google the term for interesting blogs on cabin life.
    • Fairbanks Formal:  Evening attire that includes but is not limited to:
      • Clean Carharts and Flannel
      • Sequins and Sorels
      • Beards and Bunny Boots
    • Lower 48:  Contintental US
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