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Important information


The Graduate School does not set defense deadlines; Consult with your department and dean's offices for more information.


Per catalog policy, you must be in 3 graduate-level credits in the semester that you attempt to defend your thesis or project. Upon successfully passing your defense, you are eligible to register for 1 graduate-level credit in subsequent semesters, if needed (contingent upon maintaining the 6-credits per academic year continuing enrollment requirement). The deadlines by which you need to successfully defend in order to be eligible for enrolling in one (1) graduate-level credit have recently changed, however. Previously, you were required to defend before the last day of finals in a given semester in order to be eligible to enroll in 1 credit the following semester. (For example, if the spring semester starts on January 16th, you have to successfully pass your defense by 5pm the day before in order to be eligible to register in only 1 credit for spring.)


Outside examiners for PhD comps and defenses must request an outside examiner at least two weeks prior to the exam, or 3 weeks if you are taking your oral comps or defending in the summer teram.


  • Complete the Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) Submittal Process:
    Log into ProQuest ETD Administrator website and create an account.
  • Navigate through the checklist and answer all questions,etc.
  • Submit your thesis/dissertation as a .pdf copy with embedded fonts
  • A hard copy of your work for archiving at the Rasmuson Library is no longer required; however, your department might still ask you for one, so please check with them. If you choose to order printed and bound copies, you can either order them from Proquest at the time of submission, or you can send them to another business for printing/binding. Payment for Proquest copies is via credit card.

After you are notified of the corrections required by the Graduate School, you will need to submit (via ETD) the final, corrected version of your thesis/dissertation (.pdf). Once submitted, we review it to ensure the requested corrections have been made and submit it for publication.