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Faculty, Department Chair or Dean - If you are a student with educational issues, you are encouraged to talk with the course instructor/faculty member, the Department Chair or your College/School Dean to seek resolution. If these steps don't have the desired outcome, then you may contact the Graduate School for mediation.

Grade Appeals Policy

A student who wishes to appeal a faculty decision on a final grade must submit a grade appeal form, available at the Office of Admissions and the Registrar. There are only two valid reasons for appeal of a grade:

  1. an error in calculation of the grade, or
  2. arbitrary and capricious grading.

Evidence of either must be documented for an appeal to be successful. Merely wanting a higher grade is not sufficient grounds to justify an appeal.

The full text of the grade appeals policy can be found in UAF Governance Faculty Senate website. The grade appeal form (PDF) is on the Registrar's website. Grade appeal forms are also available at the Office of Admissions and the Registrar and at the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Academic Decisions Other Than Grades

Students have the right to appeal academic decisions other than grades. Decisions that fall into this category include, but are not limited to, denial of admission, faculty-initiated withdrawal, dismissal from program or pass/fail decisions of a faculty committee on non-course examinations (such as qualifying, comprehensive or thesis examinations).

Before beginning the informal or formal appeal process, the student should first address the person who made the decision. Often problems can be resolved and misunderstandings cleared up through this step. If the student does not find the outcome acceptable, the next step is an informal appeal.

The informal appeal must be submitted to the academic leader of the department or program within 15 class days after the beginning of the next regular semester. An extension to the deadline may be approved by the academic leader with a written request and supporting documentation from the student. A deadline extension will be limited to one semester, but every effort should be made to complete the appeal process within the current semester.

If the student wishes to appeal the decision of the academic leader, the student can file a formal appeal with the Office of the Provost. The formal appeal must be made in writing within 5 class days after the student has learned the outcome of the informal review. By submitting a formal request for review, the student acknowledges that no additional mechanisms exist within the university for the informal review of the decision.

For the detailed “Appeals Policy for Academic Decisions Other Than Assignment of Grades” visit here.

Registrar - Students who believe there has been a violation of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) may contact the Registrar's Office. More information can be found at Student and Enrollment Strategy website

Diversity and Equal Opportunity - The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity processes complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment. If you believe you are being treated differently or if you believe your educational opportunities are being affected by your race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic code, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, veteran status or retaliation, then the D & EO office is the appropriate avenue for redress. Contact Director Margo Griffith at 474-7599 ( or Intake and Case Coordinator Erin Walter at 474-7300.

Associated Students of UAF (ASUAF) - The function of ASUAF is to represent and act on behalf of the students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. They are located in the Wood Center. More information can be found here.

Student Health and Counseling - The goal of the Student Health & Counseling center is to meet the medical and counseling needs of UAF students. Students that need assistance dealing with stress or other issues are seen on an appointment basis. For assistance call 474-7043. More information can be found here.


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