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Beyond the chancellor's fundraising initiatives, there are additional opportunities to fulfill the goals of UAF's many, varied donors. Staff from the Office of UAF Development and Alumni Relations are ready to present options that match donor affinity. Support for the University of Alaska Museum of the North, UAF Athletics, the Elmer E. Rasmuson and Biosciences Libraries, as well as the individual schools, colleges and research institutes on campus provide options for donors to consider.

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Dancer from Troth Yeddha dance group

To honor Alaska's first peoples and strengthen the bridge between their cultures and higher education, we will develop the Troth Yeddha' Park and an indigenous studies center. As a statewide academic center with close connections to other UAF institutes, the Troth Yeddha’ facilities will be distinct from other establishments that celebrate specific Alaska Native cultures. The Troth Yeddha' Legacy initiative builds on UAF's decades-long history of service to rural and Native students through entities such as the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development and the tribal management and Native arts programs.

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2017 centennial initiatives

UAF is proud to be 100 years old! Please visit the centennial home page for information about the celebration of this incredible milestone. In honor of the centennial, three major fundraising initiatives were launched, while also emphasizing the importance of donors' priorities, with the focus to enhance the institution and ensure it is equipped to provide students with a world-class education during the coming century. In addition to Troth Yeddha', the centennial initiatives included the Centennial Scholarship and Fellowship and Alaska Center for Energy and Power.

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The immense generosity of UAF’s many supporters was recently demonstrated through the Centennial Scholarship and Fellowship Initiative, which raised funds to help alleviate the financial burden for our students. Thanks to the commitment of the initiative’s planning committee and our generous donors, nearly $9 million has been raised in scholarships and fellowships. This initiative has almost doubled scholarship and fellowship support for UAF students. This is remarkable, and we are grateful!

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The work of the Alaska Center for Energy and Power affects every Alaskan because energy affects us all. The leading center works with partners to develop and showcase practical, cost-effective and innovative energy solutions. The center has outgrown its facilities and needs a new, permanent home. The fourth floor of our new engineering facility will be dedicated to the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. There, new, innovative labs and workspace will equip researchers and students to fulfill real-world energy needs.

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