Large Animal Research Station Fund Designation List

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Large Animal Research Support Endowment: This fund is designed to provide support for the Large Animal Research Station (LARS). LARS serves excellence in research and education in high-latitude biology and provides facilities for and expertise in maintaining colonies of large animals, coordinating educational opportunities, and conducting community outreach in support of the UAF mission.
UAF Annual Fund: Through annual giving at UAF, alumni, parents, employees and friends support the university’s areas of immediate and greatest need, including scholarships, fellowships, equipment, facilities maintenance and renovation, research and faculty recruitment and retention.
Endowments explained:
Spendable: The portion of the endowment that is reserved for immediate use rather than long-term investment.

Principal: The portion of the endowment which is invested by the UA Foundation as a part of its portfolio. A portion of the earnings is made available as spendable when a minimal level is reached. A gift to the endowment principal is viewed as being for longer-term use.
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