Geosciences Friday Seminars

Spring 2022

Time and Location

Day: Fridays

11:45 am or 3:30 pm

Location: Contact instructor for details.

Contact Information

Jochen Mezger
contact Jochen for zoom details


Date Presenter/Topic Delivery  

January 14

Florian Hofmann, University of Southern California and UAF  Geophysical institute
"Using microCT to Improve the Reliability of Cosmogenic 3He Exposure Dating"

In person and Zoom at 3:30

Passcode: #ZF!k35J

February 4 UAF Graduate Students
Flash Talks                                                                      
Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: !mrjVmU1

February 18

Richard Buzard, Coastal Hazard Program, DGGS
 "Investigating Coastal Hazards in Alaska Communities"

Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: &G9FeHV!

February 25

Michael Whalen, UAF Department of Geosciences and Geophysical Institute

"The First Year of the Cenozoic: The Record at Ground Zero"

Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: MzZ7*^WX

March 4 No seminar -  Spring break stamp    
March 11 No seminar -  Spring break stamp  


March 18 Patrick Druckenmiller, UAF Museum of the North
"60 years of paleontology in the Prince Creek Formation of Arctic Alaska: Where are we at?"
In person and Zoom at 3:30

Passcode: B$!eb8nV

March 25

Diane Skipton, Yukon Geology Survey
"Investigating the Cretaceous Robert Service Thrust System in the Selwyen Fold Belt, Central Yukon"

Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: H=nQ54V7

April 1 Jennifer Aschoff, UAA Geological Sciences

 "Shoreline Evolution and Dynamic Subsidence: New Insight from A Synthesis of 50 years of Research in the Cordilleran Foreland Basin"  Coauthored by Zhiyang Li

Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: L+3!V.kD

April 8 Kasey Aderhold, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)

"Seismology through the ‘Spheres"

In person and Zoom at 3:30

Passcode: 7QR%R4mc

April 15 Elisabeth Nadin, UAF Department of Geosciences
"Paleozoic Evolution of the Sierra Nevada Batholith, and the Strength of a Warm Transpressive Fault "
Zoom at 11:45

Passcode: 0FqE0^%1

April 22 Department of Geosciences Awards  ribbon award  cup of ice cream In person at 3:30