Geosciences Friday Seminars

Spring 2023

Time and Location

Day: Fridays
Presentation by Zoom 11:45 am   
Time: Presentations in person 3:30                                                                                       Location: Elvey Auditorium                                                                                                          

Contact Information

Jochen Mezger


Date Presenter/Topic  

January 27

Ross Stein, Tremblor Inc., Stanford University, AGU College of Fellows Distinguished Lecturer
"How do Earthquakes Converse?"

Passcode: @3B#UcTb

February 3 Karen Spaleta, UAF Stable Isotope Laboratory
"Finding Solutions to the World’s Pending Critical Minerals Supply Crisis: Developing New Geochemical Analytical Methods and Evaluating the Potential for Te and Bi Extraction from Existing Au Mines                        

Passcode: F.9F=h*0

February 10

No seminar


February 17

Lauren Keller, UAF Department of Geosciences
"Late Cretaceous Birds from the Prince Creek Formations, North Slope, Alaska"

Passcode: C^Mw0g9W

February 24 Gunther Kletetschka, UAF Geophysical institute
"Acraman Impact Structure in Australia and Ediacaran Explosion of Life"

Passcode: rE+dD01*

March 3 Barrett Salisbury, DGGS Fairbanks
"Mid to Late Quaternary Crustal Deformation in Alaska: What we know now and ongoing work at DGGS"

Passcode: LDT!tb53

March 10

Kyriaki Drymoni, University of Milano-Bicocca
"Dyke Propagation Pathways: The Movement of Magma from the Source to the Surface"

Passcode: G8GZ2R^x

March 17

Spring Break stamp Spring Break - No Seminar

March 24 Mike Whalen, UAF Department of Geosciences and Geophysical Institute
"The First 10 My of the Cenozoic: From Impact to the PETM at Ground Zero"

Passcode: @h8v?I7A

March 31 Vincent Realmuto, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"Automated Plume Mapping Procedures for the MODIS, VIIRS, and SBG Missions"

Passcode: hpL=E!7u

April 7 Ric Wilson, USGS Anchorage
"Geologic and Mineral Resource Framework of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean"

Passcode: m5&Owh&f

April 14 Mort Larsen, Landslide Hazards Program Manager, DGGS Juneau
"Barry Arm Landslide"

Passcode: +?i=J9aZ

April 21 Kynan Hughson, UAA Department of Geological Sciences
"Pingo Party: Tales from the North Slope, Mackenzie Delta, and Dwarf Planet Ceres"

Passcode: 3+*8dxBY

April 28 ribbon UAF Geosciences Award Show and Ice Cream Social ice cream cone

In person at 3:30