Geography Outreach Program

World map on floor with students standing on itThe UA Geography Program has an extensive outreach program designed to promote geographic literacy and enhance pre-college geography education throughout the state of Alaska. Our outreach efforts include teacher training, school programs, curriculum creation, and community events.

Contact Us:

Katie Kennedy, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 907-474-6121

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The UA Geography Program is home to the Alaska Geographic Alliance, (AGA) part of National Geographic Society’s Network of Geographic Alliances. Alliances are partnerships between university faculty and K-12 teachers that connect educators with one another, offer professional development opportunities, and promote educational innovation at state and local levels.

Visit the AGA online and join the alliance for access to excellent teaching resources, news about upcoming events, and the opportunity to share with and learn from other educators.

In partnership with the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the UA Geography Program administers a statewide K-12 license for Esri GIS software. Visit to access instructions for requesting the software.

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