Cary de Wit

Cary de Wit

Associate Professor of Geography/Program Coordinator

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Curriculum vitae:

B.S., 1984 University of Kansas
M.A., 1992 University of Kansas
Ph.D., 1997, University of Kansas


GEOG 302 - Geography of Alaska
GEOG 303 - Geography of the U.S. and Canada
GEOG 305 - Geography of Europe
GEOG 311 - Geography of Asia
GEOG 312 - People, Places & Env: Principles of Human Geography
GEOG 420 - Geopolotics of Energy

Research interests:

Cultural geography, North American regional cultures, rural cultures, perceptual geography, and sense of place. Recent research interests are popular perceptions of Alaska and the expression of frontier ideology in Alaskan politics, culture, and landscape.