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Volcanology research at UAF comprises a diverse set of disciplines, and active collaborations among different research groups, including Seismology, Remote Sensing, Infrasound, and Atmospheric Sciences. The UAF/GI volcanology group comprises active members of the Alaska Volcano Observatory in partnership with the US Geological Survey and the State of Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (ADGGS). Ongoing research includes volcano seismology, petrology and geochemistry, experimental petrology, and tephrochronology. By extension with other GI groups, volcanology research at UAF also comprises geodesy, ash and aerosol studies, and remote sensing.

For more information on Volcanology research at UAF, please visit the following websites:


Alaska Volcano Observatory

Geophysical Institute, Volcanology Research Group

UAF Experimental Petrology Lab

Department Faculty

James Beget
Jessica Larsen


Cooperating Faculty

Pavel Izbekov
Mike West

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