Postdocs and Grad Students

Current/Recent Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students


Dr. Jane Wolken

Dr. Jane Wolken (PhD University of Alberta, 2008) is finishing up a postdoctoral project with me and Dr. Andi Lloyd (Middlebury College). Jane has studied the effects of climate on black spruce trees and is currently working at the Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning at UAF.


Ben Gaglioti

Ben Gaglioti is a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Studies at UAF. He is co-advised by Matthew Wooller at the Water and Environmental Research Center. Ben is studying the effects of climate change on arctic and subarctic carbon dynamics by deciphering the impacts of past episodes of climate warming. His main field areas are the North Slope of Alaska and the Ace Lake watershed near Fairbanks.


Carson Baughman

Carson Baughman , defended his thesis entitled " Soil Surface Organic Layers in Alaska’s Arctic Foothills; Development, Distribution and Microclimatic Feedbacks" in September 2013. Carson's graduate studies were supported by a fellowship from the US Geological Survey, and he is now employed by the USGS in Anchorage.


Louise Farquharson

After finishing her MSc thesis concerning   thermokarst lakes in Siberia and Alaska, Louise Farquharson is beginning her PhD studies in Geology and Geophysics at UAF. She is co-advised by Dr. Vladimir Romanovsky. Her dissertation concerns the vulnerability of different geomorphic systems in the Arctic (coastlines, yedoma deposits, and sand dunes) to thermokarst triggered by climate change. Louise recently received a grant from the US National Park Service to support her work on coastal change on the Seward Peninsula.


Job Noordeloos

Job Noordeloos came from the Netherlands where he teaches fifth grade geography to UAF to start a Masters degree in the Geography Program. His research topic is the geography of moose-car collisions in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We are actively looking for funding for this very important study, so if you have any ideas, email me.

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