Poster Printing


  The Department of Geology & Geophysics is equipped with a HP Designjet Z5200 Postscript large-format printer, located in 308a Reichardt Building.

We print to these media:

·          HP Universal Coated Paper (C) – 36” width

·          HP Matte Film (MF) – 36” width

·          HP Universal Heavyweight Coated Paper (HW) – 42” width

·          HP Universal High-gloss Photo Paper (HG) – 42” width

The print quality of HG and HW are very similar and excellent. HG is slightly thicker than HW. Both are suitable for poster presentations at meetings. We do not have a poster-sized trimmer. You may need to trim the poster yourself after it is printed.



Make sure you create your poster in the actual size it should be printed, i.e. 100 %! Scaling up to the requested poster size may result in blurred images.

PDF files are easiest to print. Their size is usually small enough. All major applications allow you to save your graphics as “PDF” or “Adobe PDF”. However, should some problems arise during conversion it is helpful to have the original graphics file handy, so that we can attempt to print directly using that application.

Bitmap files (JPEG or TIFF) are an option. However, their file size are often much larger than for PDF’s, so only use them if you cannot obtain satisfactory results with PDF or the original graphics software. We can print directly with

·          CorelDraw X6

·          Adobe Illustrator CS6

·          MS PowerPoint 2010

·          MS Word 2010



Contact Jochen Mezger directly by phone (474-7809) or better via email ( ) and ask or propose a date for printing. Hours for printing are generally Mo-Fr 9:30 am – 6 pm. However, depending on Jochen’s current teaching commitment, some time slots are not available.  

Email your information in this format:

E-mail address:
Phone number:

Printing date and time requested:
Poster dimensions (inches):
Paper type (C, HW or HG):
Application poster was composed in:



It is best that you come by in person for the printing (with USB stick, external hard drive, CDR, DVD rom), so that any problems can be solved immediately and you can take your poster with you. The printer is very fast and the poster dries very quickly. In general, it takes less than half an hour for the whole process. If you cannot make it, you can drop of the poster file on USB stick, CDR, DVD or send it by email. You will be notified when the poster is printed.

It is advised to schedule your print request as early as possible. There tends to be a huge demand for posters before large meetings. Posters are printed on a first come-first serve basis.

The preparation of a poster is generally the responsibility of the student, instructor or supervisor. However, in special cases Jochen can assist students in composing the poster. This requires extra time.

Download high-resolution copies of the UAF logo (tif, gif, etc.) from here.


Geology Department Policy on Large Format Printing

Potential users:
Class posters required for GEOS class
Research posters primarily based on G&G student research (first author is student)
Class materials to be used for GEOS class
Class posters required for non-geology class
Maps (or similar) required for G&G student thesis work
Geoscience research posters or maps with minor student association

Encourage G&G student poster presentations, develop student presentation skills
Encourage/develop G&G student analysis of data in large formats
Facilitate G&G faculty/staff presentation of research
Facilitate G&G faculty/staff research analysis
Not lose $
Not to become a campus center for printing
Minimize waste, maximize success, minimize staff time on print operations


1) Class Posters required for GEOS classes
Up to 3.5' x 3' per enrolled student in class - 1 per semester Free on HW paper
Additional at $1.00/sq. ft. on C, $2.00/sq. ft. on HW, $2.50/sq. ft. on HG

2) Research posters with G&G student as first author
Up to 3.5' x 8' - 1 per semester Free on HP HW paper
Additional at $1.00/sq. ft. on C, $2.00/sq. ft. on HW, $2.50/sq. ft. on HG

3) Class materials for GEOS class
Free on Coated paper

4) Maps (or similar) required for G&G student thesis work
$1.00/sq. ft. on C, $2.00/sq. ft. on HW, $2.50/sq. ft. on HG, MF

5) Research posters without G&G student as first author and other research materials:
Not G&G student originated or non G&G Class Posters up to 3.5' x 3' - pre-arranged by instructor, charged to Dept. Acct. #
$1.50/sq. ft. on C, $2.50/sq. ft. on HW, $3.50/sq. ft. on HG, MF

Costs are based on sq. ft., based on usable paper printed: sq. ft. = linear feet * 3 for 36" media, sq. ft. = linear feet * 3.5 for 42" media.

Prices are subject to change without notice. We prefer charges to Dept. Acct. #, but cash is also accepted.
Limitation: 1- 5 day lead times, longer lead times necessary before meetings with a lot of G&G Dept. participation.

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