Computer Labs

The Lab consists of 14 Windows 2000 workstations, and 1 MacIntosh workstation.

Access to the computer lab is controlled by a key-code door, thus anyone with access to the building and the key-code has access to the lab (24 hours/day, 7 days/week).  Geology majors and UAF students taking geology classes, faculty and staff, and attendees of programs and conferences associated with the Geology Department are encouraged to use the lab as needed.


Obtaining the Computer Lab Door Code, Usernames/Passwords

Contact Chris Wyatt ( or 474-7809) to obtain a username and password for access to the Geology Department network server (“NUGGET”). Lab users are required to obtain and maintain an Aurora account (call 474-6564). The computer lab door code changes periodically, and new codes can be obtained from the department office in Room 308.


Logging on Lab Workstations

To logon at any of the PC workstations in the computer lab, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the prompt, enter your username/password, check that the default domain (GEOLOGY) is selected, and press Enter.


Logging off Lab Workstations

Click the Start button (lowest left-hand corner).  Click Shutdown … from the pop-up menu.  Click the button "Close all programs and log on as a different user?"  Click "Yes", and the workstation is available for the next user.


Usage Priority:

  1. Geology Class Work/Research Work
  2. Other class work
  3. Personal (email, non-Geology Internet Browsing)

If you would like to use a workstation for a higher priority item than it is being used for, then feel free to (politely) ask to use the workstation



The Geology & Geophysics Computer Lab is located in Room 316 of the Reichardt Building at 900 Yukon Drive, mid-way between the West Ridge Research Complex and lower campus.



If you have any questions about the Geology Computer Lab, or are having problems with the lab, please contact Chris Wyatt ( or 474-7809).


Useful Information

Email Access

Users will access their email in a variety of ways, depending on where there email server is located.  If you are affiliated with UAF, you can access your email through a simple browser-based site:

If you access your remote computer system through Telnet (or SSH Secure Shell), then you are probably familiar with a text-based email application (PINE or similar).

Printer Access

If you wish to print out a small number of pages of hard copy, feel free to use the laser printer in the lab.  You may access this printer under the HP8150 PCL6. The printer is not a COPY MACHINE, nor is the Geology Computer Lab a PRINT SHOP. The size of Print Jobs are audited and if you are abusing the Lab's printing services -- say, more than 100 pages per week, you're account will be disabled. Exceptions are possible, but check with the lab administrator BEFORE submitting large print jobs.

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