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UAF Transportation Services offers various vehicle rental options.


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  • Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Rentals
    • Availability can be spur of the moment, or planned out.  A snapshot of availability can be found here RENTAL AVAILABILITY CALENDAR  We can make other arrangements, so even if there appears to be no availability contact us.  Rates are set each fiscal year by vehicle category.  Sedan - Mini Van - Large Van - Small SUV - Large SUV - 2WD Truck-4WD Truck
  • 6 Month Leases
    • Can be a cost savings for longer term use.  Generally requests will need to be made at least 6-Months prior to intended start date.
  • Annual leases
    • Full year leases, and/or permanently assigned vehicles.
  • FY19 RATES

Reservations must be submitted online:


Long Term/Permanently Assigned Rentals

Rentals for more than six (6) months are classified as "long-term" or "permanently assigned." Acquisition of annual and 6-month lease vehicles takes time. Vehicles are generally purchased off the state contract, and are purchased as a type rather than specific brand/models. Think of what capacities your desired vehicle will need and what features are required.

FY19 Lease Rates



A bus and driver may be reserved for seminars, conferences, field trips, and special events for a minimum of 2 hours.

Please complete the Charter Request Form



Below is a link to the UA Transportation Guide. This is for departments using UA vehicles or private vehicles. It has useful forms and information regarding use, safety, insurance, and responsibilities all in one 13 page, outline formatted document.

Transportation Guide

More information or questions can be answered via EHS&RM at 474-5413


Transportation FAQ


for all ua owned vehicles


 UAF has implemented a driver observation and training program.  The "HOW AM I DRIVING" stickers on the back of UAF vehicles go to a call center for reporting good and bad driving behaviors.  Supervisors of the drivers are notified, and there is training offered when bad behaviors are reported.  More information can be found HERE


In the event of a vehicular or personal accident you generally should notify your Supervisor and EHS&RM (474-5413.) For more details please consult:

Useful Forms for any incident regardless of the amount of damage or injury:



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