New Addresses

Effective September 11, 2017, UAF is upgrading building addresses to meet national addressing standards and Fairbanks North Star Borough code. The upgrade provides a number of important benefits, including:

  • The ability for a caller’s location to be immediately identified and all 911 calls to be rapidly and automatically processed;
  • Shorter emergency response times by UAF and borough emergency services personnel;
  • Location-based emergency notifications;
  • Compliance with current and next-generation enhanced 911 standards; and
  • Conformance to Title 21 of FNSB code.

As a result of this upgrade, virtually every building on the main Fairbanks campus has a new address.

The new addresses are listed here.

All staff should familiarize themselves with the new building address for their office or primary work location. This will expedite 911 dispatch in case of emergency.

Departments will need to update their physical addresses in the following places:

  • Departmental websites
  • Letterhead, stationery, business cards, brochures and other print material (Note: as a cost-savings measure, departments may opt to use up existing stationery before reprinting.)
  • Shipping addresses in vendor accounts (if ordering online for delivery to a physical address, for example)

The address updates have already been incorporated into:

In addition, the new addresses have been provided to:

  • Google maps (pending review/approval)
  • FedEx
  • UPS (If you’re expecting a delivery, UPS recommends asking for a tracking number from the sender for the next several months.)

Other implementation

  • Dispatchers at the Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center and the UAF Police Department both have the updated numbering.
  • Facilities Services will be upgrading street signage and building numbers beginning in mid-September; first priority will be Garden Apartments, Sustainable Village, Copper Lane, McLean house and the employee, family and graduate student housing on North Chandalar Drive and Tanana Drive.
  • Procurement is currently working with UA Financial Systems to determine the easiest way to update all of the campus delivery addresses in Banner FTMSHIP.» Freight companies who regularly deliver to campus have been provided with instructions regarding the new addresses.» Please note that the best way to ensure that your delivery is made to the right place during this transition is to have it shipped to UAF Central Receiving.

Resources & Additional Information

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