UAF Facilities CADD Standard

UAF Facilities CADD Standard (PDF) - The current UAF Facilities CADD Standard was adopted in June 2016. Minimum requirements for CAD, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) files submitted to UAF as part of a contract or project shall meet these standards. Both BIM and GIS portions of the standard are brief as detailed standards are still under development. The CAD portion of the standard references the National CAD Standard v6 extensively- a link is provided below for your convenience.

National CAD Standard V6 (Website)

UAF Standard Title Block - All projects may use primary consultant's Title Block. If needed, the UAF Title Block is provided below as a pdf sample, .dwg file, with a separate attribute .dwg file for insertion as a block in each sheet file containing the title block. Insertions shall all occur at 0,0 in layout space.

22x34 Title blocks:

UAF Plot Style Settings - UAF standard plot settings use a .ctb file, or a color based plot table. The colors and their assigned weights are per the pdf file linked below and the .ctb file is provided for your use. Please note, the .ctb is provided for your convenience but you are not required to convert your files to this plotting standard.

For further information, contact Ryan Lind at 907-474-5020 or