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Director - Bill Cox 474-2492 wcox11@alaska.edu

The Utilities Division operates a combined heat and power plant that provides electric power, steam heat, domestic water and district-chilled water to campus. The power plant has a peak load of 9 MW and a power generating capacity of 23 MW. Two coal fired and two oil fired boilers generate the steam that powers the three steam turbines. After the steam goes through the turbine, it is used to heat the campus buildings, and power the absorption chillers for campus cooling. The power plant also has a 9.6MW backup diesel generator. The Utilities Division is progressive in its approach to modernization and energy saving efforts. The power plant was built in 1964 and is in the process of continually being upgraded.

The University operates its own water treatment plant that produces over 87 million gallons of safe drinking water per year. The two primary and one emergency well are housed in heated and security alarmed buildings. High purity water to various labs is also produced.


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