Occupational Safety

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The Occupational Safety Officer (OSO) reports directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services. The charter of the OSO is to maximize available fiscal resources through the reduction of mishaps and workers compensation claims.

The OSO acts as an advisor on industrial, vehicle, and field safety, accident investigations, and claims management by performing safety evaluations, Job Safety Analysis and risk analysis of work sites, projects, and procedures.

The Occupational Safety Officer identifies and interprets local, state, and federal directives and develops, implements, and administers plans for new safety, health, and environmental protection programs. This position is the primary liaison with local, state, and federal agencies on Environmental Health and Safety programs.

Additionally, the Occupational Safety Officer provides regulatory required training on Environmental Safety and Health programs and schedules and tracks all employee health physicals and personal protective equipment inspections.

Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) (PDF)

Job Hazard Analysis Manual (PDF)

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) (PDF)

Job Hazard Assessment (PDF)

Personal Protection Equipment Training Outline (PDF)

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