Customer Service FAQ's

At times a Facilities Services employee shows up in my area for a work order I did not place. Why does this happen?

UAF has the technology to monitor environmental conditions (heat and air handlers) and equipment (environmental chambers, refrigeration). Hundreds of alarm points are monitored on Direct Digital Controls (DDC) by HVAC technicians at the Physical Plant. These computerized systems are composed of many sensors that measure equipment operation. When an alarm is received, mechanics respond to the locations to check on conditions.

I have established my user ID and password for your Electronic Work Order System (EWORF) , but have lost my password. What can I do?

Facilities Services offers the UAF community the ability to enter work order requests directly through our website. If you lose your password or login ID, please call our Customer Service Center at 474-7000.

How do I know what is routine maintenance and what is billable to our department?

A general rule of thumb would be to think of yourself as a tenant in a rental situation. All utilities and building issues are maintenance issues. If you have no hot water, are cold or if a regular door lock does not work, that is Facilities responsibility. If you are installing bookshelves, or want a special lock on your door, that would be the tenants responsibility to pay from your department account. You can check out Services A-Z on our website under Products and Services to see a more detailed list of what is covered under maintenance and what is not.

When I submit a work request, why don't I see the mechanic in my area?

Often times, especially for issues that deal with room temperatures, the mechanic needs to make adjustments and repairs in the mechanical room where the actual heating and/or cooling equipment is located. Ideally, we would like the mechanics to talk with the customers who have placed the work request. At times, the volume of calls is too heavy to allow for this personal communication. Although this is not always feasible, we are striving to improve our face-to-face customer communications after resolving a work request. You will soon see "Stepping Up for You" door hangers around campus to notify the requestor of completed work order status or work still pending.

Why does the Customer Service Center ask for so much detail about my call?

The Customer Service Center needs to obtain as much information as possible to pass on to the mechanic responding to the call. There are many different service mechanics with different areas of expertise. The more information that we can give them, the more efficiently we can respond.

Are Facilities Services mechanics available around the clock?

Mechanics are on campus from 8:00 - 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday. For after hour's calls, Customer Service Center phones are on forward to the Emergency Communications Center (UAF Fire and Police). ECC notifies mechanics of any emergencies and takes messages for calls that can be handled during regular business hours.