UAF's Tuition & Fee Committee

The Tuition & Fee Committee is a standing advisory committee to the UAF Chancellor. The committee is tasked with the following charges:

  • Conduct a periodic review of student tuition and fees, including:
    • Review UAF's fee structure and make recommendations to reduce the number and/or complexity of fees charged to students
    • Review the application of student fees to ensure transparency and alignment with strategic goals.
    • Review "differential" Tuition and fees, where applicable.
  • Annually prepare a UAF tuition recommendation for the Chancellor to inform the President's tuition proposal development.


The standing committee includes the following representatives:

AVC Financial Services                                                                                               AVC Student Services
Student Governance                                                                                                    Graduate Student
CTC Administrator                                                                                                         CRCD Administrator
eCampus Executive                                                                                                      Director Athletics Administrator
Dean                                                                                                                                      OMB Analyst
Military and Veterans Affairs Director                                                                 Registrar
Bursar’s Office Subject Matter Expert                                                                 Faculty


Active Members