Banner Access Forms
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Computer Account Request/Change Form
Request or change account information for UA Doman, Email, VPN, and Roxen

Direct Pay Reimbursement Cover Sheet
This cover sheet may be used when submitting Direct Pay Reimbursement Requests to Accounts Payable. The fully completed Direct Pay Reimbursement Form (below) is required for all requests.

Direct Pay Reimbursement Form **REQUIRED**
Please fill out this required form, attach all backup, and forward to Accounts Payable. For further instructions and information, visit the Direct Pay Reimbursement portion of our website.

NSF Override Form
To complete a Banner encumbrance record (REQ, TA, etc.) with insufficient funds.

Relocation Allowance Request Form
To request a relocation allowance please complete this form, obtain applicable signatures (according to UA Regulation 05.02.06(B), enter the encumbrance in Banner, and send to Kathy Jeffords for processing.

Stop Payment Request
To request a stop payment on an Accounts Payable or Travel check.

UA Electronic Payment Agreement Form*NEW*
This form is to be completed by the party requesting a form of electronic payment. Please do not email this form as it contains sensitive inforamtion, we ask that you either fax, (907)474-7046, or mail the form directly to Accounts Payable:
PO Box 757920
Fairbanks AK 99775-7920

Utility Payment Authorization Form
Please see the instructions for more information.

Wire Transfer (Outgoing)
To request an outgoing wire transfer, please send the form to Brittany Hoch. Send incoming wire transfer requests to Penny Bales.

Student Forms:

Additional Fees, Fall 2018
FERPA Release
Fees in Advance
Request for Exception
Textbook Loan and Advance of Funding Form
Appeal for Late Withdrawal

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

TheĀ» Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( FERPA) deals specifically with the education records of students, affording them certain rights with respect to those records. For purposes of definition, education records are those records which are 1) directly related to a student and 2) maintained by an institution or a party acting for the institution.

Tuition Waivers:

Tuition waivers can be submitted electronically via DocuSign. You do not need to print, scan or fax the form to sign and submit it, nor do you need to create any accounts to use this feature. If you prefer to use the printable PDF forms, you may download those below as well. Spring waivers cannot be applied before January 1, and Fall waivers cannot be applied prior to July 1, due to tax regulations.

Staff, Faculty and Department Forms:

Accounts Receivable Security Access Request
Cashier Reconciliation Report (Excel)
Charge Slip (Excel)
Course Fee Approval Form
Departmental Deposit Form
Detail Code Request Form
Journal Voucher Form (JV) (.xls format)
Petty Cash Voucher
Refund Request Form
Student Account Payment Request Form (Departmental Payments)
UAF eCommerce Request

Department Credit Card-Related Forms:

Credit Card Equipment Order
Credit Card Fee Processing
Departmental Deposit
PCI Compliance Policy
PCI Security Agreement
ProcessNow Equipment Order
UAF eCommerce Request
UAF TouchNet User Request
Credit Card Authorization Form

Other Forms:

UA Change Form
Wire Transfer Request
W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification)

Parking Forms:

Additional Fees, Summer 2018
Departmental Parking Permit
Emeritus Permit Application
Family-Friendly Parking Permit Application
Staff and Faculty Parking Decal Renewal 2018-2019
Student Parking Decal 2018-2019
Sustainable Agreement
Sustainable Permit Form
Sustainable Permit FAQ
Vehicle Registration

Activity Code Maintenance Form
Create, change, or inactivate up to 10 activity codes at one time. Please use the Activity Codes Listing for current usage and new unit/dept code naming convention. Please read the Activity Codes Guidelines for more information.

Affidavit of Forgery
The official form used to report a forged item.

Budget Revision
To move budget authority within the same appropriation. Please see the instructions for more information. Must be approved by a financial manager, Dean or Director (shown as Cognizant Program Director in the AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES block). If you are having trouble getting this form to work, try this fix.

Non-Standard Budget Revision (MBUD, PBUD, ABUD, etc.)
Non-standard budget revisions are those whose entry does not require balancing. These BRs use the Journal Voucher form with slight modifications for clarity purposes. Please see the instructions for completing the form. For more information on the match budgeting process, please read the background and procedures.

Disclosure of Employment or Services Outside of the University of Alaska
Current UA employees should complete this form to report any employment activities outside of the university. Please see the memo for additional information.

Employee Recognition/Bonus Awards
Complete the applicable form to process an employee recognition award, per UAF Policy 04.05.001. Obtain signatures and send to Payroll for processing.

  • Informal (Up to $500 and/or 3 days paid leave)
  • Formal (Up to $2,500 and/or 5 days paid leave)

Fund Code Maintenance Form
To update or create a new fund. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Restricted funds should be routed through OGCA.

FY13 UA Internal RSA Information Template
To move budget authority between appropriations or other state funding agencies. Please visit the RSA page for more information.

General Ledger Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
To reconcile your department's balance sheet account for the quarterly report. Please see the instructions for more information.

Journal Voucher (JV)
To process current accounting entries, allocations and corrections for which other means of entry into the financial system are not available. Must be approved by a financial manager, Dean or Director. The same individual cannot both prepare and approve the form. Please see the following documents for assistance in completing the JV:

Labor Redistribution Form(LR)
To transfer labor charges from one labor account to another for the current fiscal year. Please see the instructions for assistance on completing this form. Must be approved by a financial manager, Dean or Director. The same individual cannot both prepare and approve the form.

Non-Cash Reporting Template
To record the data necessary for the quarterly Non-Cash Awards Report. The Non-Cash Reporting schedule is available here. Excel password encryption instructions can be found here.

Organization Code Maintenance Form
To create, change, or inactivate an org code. Please see the detailed instructions for assistance in completing this form.

PCN Request Form
To request a brand-new PCN for use in your department. Please make sure to review the Active PCN List prior to completing this form.

Petty Cash Voucher
To reimburse an individual for university-related charges up to $100. Please read the instructions on the form for excluded items.

Representational Allowance Forms
To provide the required documentation for representational allowance item purchases per UA Regulation 05.02.07. Please visit the Representational Allowance page for guidelines, forms, and the Chancellor's designees for appropriate signature authority.

In accordance with the University of Alaska Service/Recharge Centers Procedure, rate proposals need to be summitted on an annual basis. Please use the questionnaire and rate calculation template to complete this process.

Signature Authorization**UPDATED**
I lieu of the authorization form, an individual's job assignment now determines the granted signature authority. Please read the description of each document type for approval instructions.

Wire Transfer (Incoming)
To set up an incoming wire transfer from an external source. Outgoing wire transfers are handled by Accounts Payable.