Tips & Tricks

Concur is a robust travel and expense management software platform with a multitude of available functions. This section contains additional information on navigating the finer points of Concur and utilizing the software to its fullest capabilities.

  • Check Concur outage statuses by visiting Concur Open. You can also receive email alerts of outage statuses by "Subscribing to Updates."
  • Set a password in your Concur profile to access Concur via Concur Solutions in the event the UA server is down. If you do not, Concur Solutions is still an accessible login. Click “Forgot password?” to set/reset your account password. (This password is not linked with your SSO password.)
  • You can change your "Traveler Type" default setting in Concur under "Profile>Default Funding." Student employees who primarily travel for work related activities (e.g. research assistants performing fieldwork) can set theirs to "Staff."
  • If employee travelers prefer not to manage meal receipts, claim per diem for your trip and expense all meals paid on your UA Travel Card as “Per Diem Offset Meal.” Use the "Per Diem Reduction" expense to reduce any remaining per diem not needed.
  • For on-the-go approvers, the SAP Concur mobile app enables Default Approvers (e.g. supervisors) and COAs (e.g. PIs) to quickly approve trips even if you are away from the office.
  • Use the "Audit Trail" on both the Request and Report to find helpful information for troubleshooting, especially status changes. Actions taken after Request/Report submission are timestamped and labeled with the associated user’s name.