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This area is specifically designed to help our users accomplish a task that is related to Finance & Accounting activities.

Account Access & Training

How do I get Banner access?

Accounts Payable

How do I process a relocation allowance?

How do I request a change to a Purchase Order?

How do I process an encumbrance if Banner tells me the funds are NSF?

How can I find out if a payment has been issued?

Budget & Position Management

How do I request a new PCN?

How do I complete a Budget Revision (BR) or Journal Voucher (JV)?

How do I manage my department's positions (PCNs)?

How do I create/change an org, fund, program, or activity code?

Where can I find a list of account codes and their descriptions?

How do I complete a Reimbursable Services Agreement?

How do I access Toad queries?

Cash & Transaction Management

How do I find an unlocated ACH deposit?

How do I check the fund balance for a match, recharge, enterprise, auxiliary, or agency fund?

Where can I find the rates for a recharge center?

How do I get reimbursed for a UAF purchase made with personal funds?


Where can I find information on UAF Travel procedures?

Please contact Brittany Hoch at bdhoch@alaska.edu to inquire about a question not found on this list. We will do our best to add to this area as new processes arise.

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