TOAD Resources

Toad is an extremely useful tool that can access information from Banner tables to customize reports and eliminate repetitive steps often used when compiling data in Excel.

Please visit the OIT Data Browser website for helpful information regarding official SQL training opportunities, TOAD Professional license fees and access, and additional resources offered to help UA make use of this powerful tool. Access to the UA Ad-Hoc Databrowser Team is also available at this site. 

To access additional Toad information and the various licenses offered through OIT, visit the OIT Toad page (you will need to log in with your UA username and password to view the content).

Bluewhale is the Toad shared drive that contains canned reports for student, human resources, and financial purposes. How do I connect to this drive? Please see the instructions!

Locked out of Toad?

Entering an incorrect username/password combination three times in a row will automatically lock your account. To reset your password, please contact Lynn Wrightsman at x6969. You will be asked for your Banner ID (FNxxx) so make sure to have it handy.

Users from other campuses can locate their Security Account Coordinator by using the pull-down list on the OIT Unix/Oracle/Banner Account Administration website.

TOAD Queries

Access the growing library of Toad queries designed to help fiscal staff build reports based on relevant data.



Training & References

Check out the different levels of training courses offered by OFA to see which one fits your skill level. Access reference guides for various Toad topics to keep you on track when developing or editing queries.


Training & References

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