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One of our goals here in Finance & Accounting is to provide Financial Managers with tools to help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Not only does this allow us to provide more quality service, but it also enables our customers (you) to achieve more by accessing in-depth information quickly and comprehensively. Please feel free to contact our office for assistance with these tools or if there is a need for additional queries, Excel templates, or training.

 In addition to Banner and Toad, reports can be generated from QMenu (QAdhoc) and VistaPlus.
*NEW* AY18-19 Faculty Time Off Calendar -  Use this to calculate salaries when preparing your management reports.

Banner Screens

Banner Form Code Identification Table
Describes the meaning of each character of a Banner form name.

Researching Transactions and Documents
An extensive listing of financial Banner screens including descriptions, uses, and tips.

UAF Accounting Structure
Outlines the fund, org, acct, and prog code structures as they pertain to UAF. Please note this document was created some time ago and information may be somewhat different. This is to provide financial managers with background information related to the structures as a whole.


Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Override Procedures

UAF allows for the delegation of authority for assigment of budget controls and NSF override review/approval to the appropriate unit executive officer (or senior financial/busines manager).

UAF Budget Control Authority & Insufficient Funds Guidelines - This document is UAF's policy regarding NSF Banner flags.

Override Procedures for Banner NSF Flags - This document describes the cause and procedure to be used to resolve Banner NSF Flags at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

NSF Override Tutorial - This youtube video provides training for override procedures to aid in dealing with Banner NSF flags.


Excel Macros

Column to Single Cell - Converts a column of data to a single cell with commas and parentheses to easily insert in to a Toad query.


Pay Factor Calculator

Pay Factor Calculator
(click the calculator to download)

Quickly calculate the number of pay periods based on a begin and end date of a position, or determine the end date based on the begin date and number of factors - all in a handy Excel file.

Click here to download the executable file!
Note: You WILL get a message from antivirus software warning you about the use of this file. If you are not comfortable downloading it to your computer, feel free to use the Excel version instead.


Reimbursable Service Agreements (RSAs)

Visit the Reimbursable Service Agreements page for links to instructions, forms, and citations to use when processing external RSAs.


Unreserved Fund Balance (UFB) Information

Management Principles

UFB Calculator

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