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Concur is a user-friendly, web-based travel and expense software platform that integrates the travel request (authorization), booking, expense report, reimbursement, and card reconciliation processes. Concur is configured to fit UA needs and perform automatic functions that reduce data entry and paperwork. Concur also provides cutting-edge tools for on-the-go trip management and a robust reporting system.

The UA system, including Statewide and all three main campuses, uses the same Concur platform. The three primary modules used by travelers and delegates are Request, Travel, and Expense.

First Time Login

Verify Email & Activate Receipts

Assign Delegates

SAP Concur Mobile App

Tripit Pro Mobile App

The Request module is used to plan, organize, and request approvals for UA business travel. A Request provides a general estimate or plan for your trip including anticipated costs to UA. A Request is required for all business travel including trips partially or wholly paid by a third party (even when self-funded).

Before starting a Request, gather and work out basic itinerary details:

  1. To where and when is business travel needed?
  2. Will the trip include personal travel days? If so, what dates?
  3. How are you getting there? Where are you staying? How will you get around once there?
  4. Are you taking the per diem allowance? Are you taking meal support at actual cost (“Actual Meal”) and need to keep receipts?
  5. Are there any other travel expenses to think about such as registration fees, a visa for international travel, etc.?
  6. Use the booking tool to develop estimates for trip costs (“Look but Don’t Book”) and obtain a business-only cost comparison if the trip includes personal time.
  7. Confirm funding source(s) for UA paid expenses.

Look but Don't Book

Create a New Request

Requests with Personal Travel

Past Fare Quote

Travelers have several options for booking travel. You can use the Travel booking tool to book from an approved Request, book from the Travel module and create a new Request, contact Corporate Travel Management (CTM) directly with an approved Request, or book with the vendor for lodging and car rentals.

Travelers also have a few options for booking rural air travel with a non-GDS carrier such as Wrights Air. You can book directly with the non-GDS carrier or contact CTM directly (must have an approved Request). If the trip includes air travel on rural and non-rural carriers, you can book the non-rural portion in Concur and instruct CTM to book the rural portion using the “Comments for the Travel Agent” box on the Trip Booking Information screen.

CTM is a travel agency contracted by UA to assist our organization with booking and purchasing travel components. If you ever encounter difficulties with the booking tool, contact CTM to book the trip. Our dedicated UA CTM team is in Anchorage and available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CTM also has agents available 24/7 to assist travelers during our team’s off-hours.

Our CTM team manages the following tasks on our behalf:

  1. Maintain and update the Concur Travel booking tool
  2. Administer corporate discounts – The rates visible in the booking tool are based on State of Alaska contract rates and industry standards
  3. Ticket travelers via the booking tool, rural request tool, emails, and phone calls
  4. Transmit traveler information to carriers including mileage memberships, TSA pre-check, and passport data
  5. Charge the agency card for purchases made via the booking tool, rural request tool, emails, and phone calls
  6. Cancel purchased tickets when requested, paying any change or cancellation fees using the agency card
  7. Track and manage credits from cancelled or postponed trips

Airfare reservations are paid on the agency card held by CTM. Hotel reservations are held with the UA travel card information entered in your Concur profile. You can also indicate CTM use the agency card to book and pay for lodging.

Book a Trip from the Request

Book a Trip from Travel

Book a Trip with Personal Travel

The Expense module is used to manage expenses, receipts, and expense reports. The [expense] Report is the official document for approving travel costs and dates associated with an authorized trip. It provides final documentation of the trip as it happens including detailed itemization of costs and modifications made after the Request was approved.

A Report is required to reconcile any charges or refunds to the agency card held by CTM and the UA travel card held by employees. You should submit your Report within 15 business days of trip completion.

It is recommended to start the Report as soon as the “Expense” link is available on your Request. This helps you manage your expenses on the go.

Submit a Travel Expense Report

Create a Travel Allowance

Itemize Expenses

Expense a Trip with Personal Travel


Downloadable Training Guides for Admins

Be sure to activate the bookmark pane of your pdf to take full advantage of the format. Each section is bookmarked for easy navigation throughout the document. There are also links within some sections for quick access to a relevant section. On the left-hand toolbar of the pdf, click the "Bookmarks" icon to open the navigation pane built into the document.

UAF Travel Admin Manual​ (Full PDF)

Appendix A: Group Travel

Appendix B: Student & Guest Travel

Appendix C: Traveler Quick Guide

Appendix D: Approvals

Appendix E: Reporting

Appendix F: Back Office Guide

Appendix G: Local Mileage Reimbursements

UAF Training Presentation

Travel Forms and Links


Card Application Link (UAF)

Certification of Unavailable Documentation  (Missing Receipt Affidavit)

For more information about the Concur travel system, please visit the UA Travel website.

For training handouts and videos from Concur, please visit the Concur Training ToolkitThis collection of videos and guides illustrates basics of using the Concur system, but there may be differences in system configuration shown in these materials.