Vacancy Wait and Pullback

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90-day Vacancy Wait

This provision applies a 90-day wait on rehiring regular or term staff and executive positions funded with unrestricted, recharge, and auxiliary funds that are vacated on or after May 15, 2013.  Faculty positions are exempted from this provision.  Staff and executives being replaced or hired on restricted funds are also exempted and every effort should be made to expedite hires funded by grants and contracts.

Changes in FY15:

If a position is filled from the layoff and non-renewed term list, the wait is reduced to 45 days.

For FY15, vacancy savings will remain in the units; there will not be a central pullback.



What does "90-day wait" mean?

Can we begin the recruitment sooner than 90 days as long as the person does not start until after 90 days?

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