Budget Controls

Understanding Budget Control

Budget control refers to the org code used to process the budget checking for NSF (non-sufficient funds) purposes. Budget control can be set using any valid org code. If left blank, the org will budget check itself.

See Budget Control Management for more information.

Incomplete Document Management

An incomplete document is any started Banner document not yet approved in the system. Many situations can cause incomplete documents, including workflow processes (such as TEM, sensitive items, etc.), NSF flags, Banner client crashes, and user errors.

The most common incomplete document results from a user who begins to input a transaction but does not, for the reasons noted above, follow the transaction through to completion. If the user does not know the document number, such as wehn a number is system generated (call numbers, requisitions, receiving, journal vouchers, etc.), it can be difficult to retrieve this document number. Often, the easiest solution for the user is to generate a new document number and move on.

Unfortunately, this can cause problems if there were dollars attached to the incomplete document, as these documents will encumber funds against the budget's available balance (BAVL) within the budget control org (see Budget Control Management), which may result in a non-sufficient fund situation with a given budget control's budget pooling account.

See Incomplete Document Management for more information.

See the Accounts Payable tab on the TOAD Queries page for a list of Incomplete Document Queries.

NSF Override Request Form

For errors that cannot be resolved through proper budget controls or regular monitoring and processing of incomplete documents please consider using the NSF Override Request Form.

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