Activity Codes

puzzleActivity codes designate the purpose of an expense incurred, including effort, rather than only showing what was purchased. Activity codes allow users to more easily collect and report on program and project-based financial information, outside of the fiscal year boundaries, and in addition to fund and org delineations. Activity codes also enable the use of a work order tracking system for projects performed by employees with multiple orgs, funds and/or fiscal years. A single activity code may cross fund types, program codes, and even fiscal years in order to facilitate job or event reporting. Units and departments utilizing these codes can efficiently manage project costs from inception to completion, regardless of funding source.

Activity codes stand alone, and do not replace or interact with program codes, account codes, or funds and orgs. They serve a reporting function and cannot be used for budgeting.


To set up a new activity code system for your unit or department:

  1. Review the Currently Used Activity Codes to identify a 2-digit unit/dept code that is not yet in use.
  2. Complete the ACTV Code Maintenance Form with one or more requested codes using the same chosen unit/dept code.
  3. Email to for entry. 

Please review the Activity Codes Guidelines for more information and be sure to contact OFA with questions or concerns regarding the use and tracking possibilities of this wonderful tool!

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