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One of our goals here in Finance & Accounting is to provide Financial Managers with tools to help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Not only does this allow us to provide more quality service, but it also enables our customers (you) to achieve more by accessing in-depth information quickly and comprehensively. Please feel free to contact our office for assistance with these tools or if there is a need for additional queries, Excel templates, or training.

 In addition to Banner and Toad, reports can be generated from QMenu (QAdhoc) and VistaPlus.

 AY20-21 Faculty Time Off Calendar -  Use this to calculate salaries when preparing your management reports.

Banner Page Elements and Naming Conventions Table
Describes the different Banner9 page types and explains how each character of a Banner page name identifies the purpose of the page.

Researching Transactions and Documents
An extensive listing of financial Banner screens including descriptions, uses, and tips.

UAF Accounting Structure
Outlines the fund, org, acct, and prog code structures as they pertain to UAF. Please note this document was created some time ago and information may be somewhat different. This is to provide financial managers with background information related to the structures as a whole.


The purpose of the continuation budget process is to quickly load the bulk of the university's starting budget using an automated feed (as opposed to entering all the budget information using the Budget Revision process). In order to ensure uniformity of this feed process, some budget lines are discretionary based on departmental budget needs and authorization. Other lines, such as personnel and general fund distribution, are non-discretionary and subject to central guidlines. The information here discusses all of the important aspects of budgeting and endeavors to guide fiscal managers through the continuation process.


Due to the sensitive information contained in the continuation files, access is restricted to financial managers only. 



Following is a current listing of all vendors setup with accounts payable direct deposit. This list is updated weekly on Friday.

FY21 Direct Deposit Vendors

Please see Accounts Payable for complete information regarding electronic payment.

 Column to Single Cell - Converts a column of data to a single cell with commas and parentheses to easily insert in to a Toad query.

OFA provides links, general information, and guidance in association with exigency restrictions. Please use this information in the intended context as well as recognizing that updated guidance may be available in other locations before it is available here.

  • What is a financial exigency? Please see Board of Regents Policy, Chapter 04.09
  • The UA Board of Regents declared financial exigency for the University of Alaska on Monday, July 22, 2019
  • President Johnson’s exigency announcement:

Regents declare financial exigency; consider structural options

Human Resources

Procurement and Travel

  • Procurement Restrictions from John Hebard, Chief Procurement Officer:

Policy regarding FY20 unrestricted fund purchases, June 28, 2019

Procedures for identifying and executing essential purchases

UAF allows for the delegation of authority for assigment of budget controls and NSF override review/approval to the appropriate unit executive officer (or senior financial/busines manager).

UAF Budget Control Authority & Insufficient Funds Guidelines - This document is UAF's policy regarding NSF Banner flags.

Override Procedures for Banner NSF Flags - This document describes the cause and procedure to be used to resolve Banner 9 NSF Flags at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

NSF Override Tutorial - This youtube video provides training for override procedures to aid in dealing with Banner NSF flags. (Banner 8)


Quickly calculate the number of pay periods based on a begin and end date of a position, or determine the end date based on the begin date and number of factors - all in a handy Excel file.

Pay Calculator(click the calculator to download)

Click here to download the executable file! 
Note: You WILL get a message from antivirus software warning you about the use of this file. If you are not comfortable downloading it to your computer, feel free to use the Excel version instead.

Use the report below to proactively identify and correct mismatches before they show up on the SW compliance review!

FY21 Compliance Related Mismatches

For more information, see the Reports page.


A Reimbursable Service Agreement (RSA) is a State of Alaska Office of Management & Budget form that represents a contractual agreement between an appropriation requesting a service and an appropriation providing a service.  For FY20, there are two instances that require the use of an RSA:

  1. Funding sources from (or to) external state agencies. Servicing departments need to be sure to forward all RSA backup submitted by the requesting agency to the appropriate office.  External RSAs where UA is the requester of services include a purchase order (Procurement & Contract Services);  when UA is the provider of services, such agreements are set up as a grant (OGCA).  In both cases, grant setup or issuance of a PO requires a fully-executed RSA.
  2. Funding sources from (or to) internal state agencies (e.g., other university appropriations).  This is new (again) for FY20; from FY09 through FY13, UA was under a multiple appropriation structure and was one appropriation from FY14 through FY19.  For internal RSAs, in many cases the "appropriation requesting a service" does not have an option in whether or not the agreement goes into effect, as the service provision is a structural requirement within the university.  Beginning FY20, University of Alaska appropriations are generally as follows:
    • The University of Alaska appropriation consists of:  Statewide Programs & Services, Statewide Enterprise Entities (e.g., UA Foundation and Education Trust of Alaska), University of Alaska Anchorage (Main Campus and CTC), and University of Alaska Fairbanks (Main Campus including Organized Research).
    • The University of Alaska Community Campus appropriation consists of:  University Southeast (Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan), all UAA Community Campuses (Valdez, Kenai, Kodiak, Mat-Su), all UAF Community Campuses (CTC, Interior, Northwest, Chukchi, Bristol Bay, and Kuskokwim) as well as Rural College.

When do you need to complete an RSA? Any time there is a transaction between appropriations (e.g., a transfer, such as 8453, or an intra-agency receipt transaction such as 9904 revenue), the RSA rules apply.  Generally, any transaction with a cumulative value of less than $100,000 does not require State OMB approval.  However, for UAF purposes, Financial Services will vet all such transactions.  Units need only fill out the form and provide their approval; all other workflows are centralized.  Full approval must occur *prior* to the commencement of work, so it is critical to consider the need for an RSA early in the process. 

Standard business processes that may be subject to the RSA process include IT Services, Risk Management, Banking, Recharge Services, Conferencing, Catering, Physical Plant, Utilities, TVEP, etc.  Activities not subject to the RSA process include revenue distributions (such as Student Tuition & Fee and Indirect Cost Recovery sharing) and direct charging of expenses such as software, leases, etc.

Form to assist with completion of INTERNAL UA RSA's located here.

Accounting for RSA JV - use the appropriate account codes for the expense/revenue.

Please see the attached guidance from Myron Dosch, UA Chief Financial Officer, for more details.

Please visit the following the link for assistance in processing internal or external RSAs:

University of Alaska Strategy, Planning and Budget Office

General (State of Alaska) information on RSAs is also available at State of Alaska Office of Management & Budget

UAF facilitates the long-term finance strategies of its programs through the use of working capital agreements.  Such agreements are typically internal to the institution and make use of the financial flexibility managed into the fixed cost structure of the university.  UAF's capacity to maintain and employ the use of this tool is contingent upon balancing long-term inputs and disbursements, and it is crucial that all units enter into any such agreement fully committed to maintain the agreed schedule.

There are situations where UAF does not have the capacity to provide necessary funding.  If the Vice Chancellor determines that the project warrants funding consideration, then UAF may choose to seek other financing options (such as a working capital agreement through Statewide or an external financing agreement).  In such situations, the unit is responsible for any associated financing fees and interest. 

Please review the May 30, 2017, memo from Julie Queen and complete the WCA questionnaire with as much information and backup as necessary to allow for a thorough review.  A representative from Financial Services will follow up to finalize the details.

WCA Request Form

May 30, 2017 Memo