Required Information for Payment Processing

Payments To Be Made With A Purchase Order:

  • W-9 (or W-8 - Contact Shayne x6426 for more information)
    • Must be current - dated within the last 3 years  (FTIIDEN)
      • Provided with requistion to procurement
  • Purchase Order
    • Must have one completed by procurement before A/P can issue payment
  • Invoice(s) from vendor - Should contain, at very least, the following information:
    • Vendor Name
    • Date
    • Amount
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Invoice Number
    • List of items or services provided - including period of performance if applicable
  • Receiving processed in BANNER (FPARCVD)
    • Cash Payments and Wire Transfers do not require receiving
    • Outgoing Wire Transfers require a completed Wire Transfer Form
  • PI Signature on OGCA Stamp for Sub awards

Payments To Be Made on Utilities (and other Direct Pays):

  • Encumbrance entered into BANNER (FGAENCB)
    • Use Type Code UT01 for Utilities
    • Use Type Code DP01 for Reimbursements and Fellowships
  • Utility Authorization form must be completed and provided
  • All utility invoices being paid from our office should be sent directly to A/P from the vendor
  • Review the Direct Pay Reimbursement and Fellowships pages for specific requirements.

If you have any questions regarding what is required to issue payments from our office please contact us.

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