Vendor Electronic Payment Options

We are streamlining our vendor payment process by switching from paper checks to electronic payments. This change will be beneficial to vendors by eliminating delays in mail processing, check handling, and other associated costs.

There are three payment term options we now offer:

  1. Credit Card (SUA) - Electronic Payment Net 15 days (preferred)
  2. Direct Deposit (ACH) - Electronic Payment Net 30 days (preferred)
  3. Paper Check - Payment Net 45 days

For your convenience, we maintain a current list of direct deposit (ACH) and credit card (SUA) vendors which is updated weekly on Fridays.  Banner users can also look up vendor status on a case-by-case basis using FAI2VDE.  Please note that some vendors have more than one record here, so please look closely at which enrollment type is active.

 You may receive phone calls from some of the vendors that you work with on a regular basis.  We ask that you support the University‚Äôs efforts to move vendors to an electronic payment option in two ways: 1. When in direct contact with your vendors, encourage them to sign up for SUA or direct deposit; and 2. Be aware of the payment terms your vendors selected when obtaining authorization to pay invoices. Your assistance will help this transition go both faster and smoother, and we appreciate it!

Read more about the UA Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Campaign here. For questions, please contact Helen Connor, 907-450-8062 or Alison Hayden, 907-450-8060. Direct deposit applications can be FAXed to 907-450-8051 or mailed to PO Box 756580, Fairbanks, AK, 99775-6580. Please communicate to vendors that they should not email the direct deposit application because it contains sensitive information.

Vendor Direct Deposit Payment (ACH) Agreement
Vendor Single-Use Accounts Credit Card Payment (SUA) Acceptance Form
ACH (Direct Deposit) and SUA (Credit Card) Vendor Listing