Direct Pay Reimbursement Cover Sheet (WORD)
This cover sheet may be used when submitting Direct Pay Reimbursement Requests to Accounts Payable. The fully completed Direct Pay Reimbursement Form (below) is required for all requests.

Direct Pay Reimbursement Form (PDF) **REQUIRED**
Please fill out this required form, attach all backup, and forward to Accounts Payable. For further instructions and information, visit the Direct Pay Reimbursement portion of our website.

NSF Override Form
To complete a Banner encumbrance record (REQ, TA, etc.) with insufficient funds.

Relocation Allowance Request Form (PDF)
To request a relocation allowance please complete this form, obtain applicable signatures (according to UA Regulation 05.02.06(B) (PDF), enter the encumbrance in Banner, and send to Kathy Jeffords for processing.

Stop Payment Request (PDF)
To request a stop payment on an Accounts Payable or Travel check.

UA Direct Deposit Payment Agreement Form *NEW*
This form is to be completed by the party requesting to receive electronic payment. Please do not email this form as it contains sensitive information, we ask that you either fax, (907)474-7046, or mail the form directly to Accounts Payable:
PO Box 757920
Fairbanks AK 99775-7920

Utility Payment Authorization Form
Please see the instructions for more information.

Wire Transfer (Outgoing)
To request an outgoing wire transfer, please send the form to Brittany Hoch. Send incoming wire transfer requests to Penny Bales.