Acronym Glossary

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ABUD		        Agency Budget
ACCAP		Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy (UAF)
ACEP		        Alaska Center for Energy & Power (UAF)
AFES		        Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
AHRB		Arctic Health Research Building
AKA		        Akasofu Building
ANKN		        Alaska Native Knowledge Network
ANLA		        Alaska Native Language Archive
ANLC		        Alaska Native Language Program
ANLC		        Alaska Native Language Center (UAF)
ANSEP		Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (UAA/UAF)
AON		        Arctic Observatory Network
AOOS		Alaska Oceans Observing System
AP		        Accounts Payable
ARSC		        Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (UAF)
ASC		        Admin Services Center
ASF		        Alaska Satellite Facility (UAF)
ASUAF		Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks
AVO		        Alaska Volcano Observatory (UAF)


BDO		        Blanket Delivery Order
BiRD 		        Biological Research & Diagnostics Building (UAF)
BOR		        Board of Regents
BPO		        Blanket Purchase Order
BR		        Brooks Building
BR		        Budget Revision
BUN		        Bunnell Building
BUTRO		Butrovich Building – for SW operations


CANHR		Center for Alaska Native Health Research
CCHRC		Cold Climate Housing Research Center
CDE		        Center for Distance Education (now called eLearning)
CEM		        College of Engineering and Mines
CES		        Cooperative Extension Service
CFWRU		Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (UAF)
CH		        Chapman Building
CIFAR		Cooperative Institute for Alaska Research (UAF)
CLA		        College of Liberal Arts (UAF)
CNSM		College Natural Science and Mathematics
CO		        Change Order
COH		        Constitution Hall
CRC		        Computer Resource Center
CRCD		College of Rural & Community Development (UAF)
		        Bristol Bay Campus: Dillingham
                        Chukchi Campus: Kotzebue
                        Interior Aleutians Campus (IAC): 4280 Geist Road, Fairbanks 
		        Kuskokwim Campus: Bethel
		        Northwest Campus: Nome
		        Yukon Flats Center: Fort Yukon
		        Yukon-Koyukuk Center: Galena
CTC		        Community and Technical College: 604 Barnette Street, Fairbanks
CTT		        Construction Trades Technology


DDC 		        Division of Design and Construction (Facilities Services)
DTC 		        Downtown Center
DU	 	        Duckering Building


ECE 		        Early Childhood Education
EEO 		        Equal Employment Opportunity
EFNEP 		Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
EHSRM 		Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management
eLearning         	Online courses and distance education
ENRI 		        Environment and Natural Resource Institute (UAA)
EPSCoR 		Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (UA)


F&A 		        Facilities and Administrative Costs
FA/T 		Fine Arts Theatre Complex
FITC 		        Fisheries Industrial Technology Center (UAF in Kodiak)
FP                     Fairbanks Purchase
FS	 	        Facilities Services


CGM 		        Global Change Modeling OR Global Climate Model
GCA 		        Custodial Services Contractor on campus
GI 		        Geophysical Institute (UAF)
GINA 		Geographic Information Network of Alaska (UAF)
GR	 	        Gruening Building


HPR 		        Harper Building, 4280 Geist Rd
HR 		        Human Resources
HUTCH 		Hutchison Center, 3770 Geist Rd
HVAC 		Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


IAB 		        Institute of Arctic Biology (UAF)
IARC 		International Arctic Research Center (UAF)
ICP-MS		Inductivity Coupled Mass Spectrometer
IDeA                 Institutional Development Award (part of the INBRE acronym)
IGERT 		Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (UAF)
IMS 		        Institute of Marine Sciences (UAF, part of SFOS)
INBRE 		IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (UA)
INE 		        Institute of Northern Engineering (UAF)
IP 		        Intellectual Property
IRV 		        Irving Building
ISER 		        Institute for Social and Economic Research (UAA)
IT	 	        Information Technology


JV		        Journal Voucher



LPO		        Limited Purchase Order
LR		        Labor Redistribution
LAB 		        Bunnell House Early Childhood Lab School
LIB 		        Rasmuson Library
LIVE 		        Leadership Involvement and Volunteer Experience
LTER	 	        Long Term Ecological Research


MAP		        Marine Advisory Program (part of SFOS)
MAU 		        Major Administrative Units of the University (Statewide, Anchorage, Fairbanks, & Southeast)
MBS		        Student residence hall complex located on Yukon Drive (includes Moore, Bartlett, Skarland, and Hess Commons) 
MIRL		        Mineral Industry Research Laboratory
MUS		        UA Museum of the North


NRAT		NonResident Alien Taxes
NEON		National Ecological Observatory Network
NSSI		        North Slope Science Initiative (state agency supported)


OFA 		        Office of Finance and Accounting
OGCA 		Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
OIT 		        Office of Information Technology
OMB 		        Office of Management and Budget
ONL 		        O'Neill Building
ORION 		Observing Radiation in our North Project


PACMAN 		Pacific Area Climate Monitoring and Analysis Network (UAF)
PBUD		        Plant Budget
PATTY		Patty Building/Patty Ice Center
PDL		        Petroleum Development Laboratory
PE		        Professional Engineer
PETE		        Petroleum Engineering
PFRR 		Poker Flat Research Range (UAF)
PO		        Purchase Order
POP		        Period of Performance
PPA		        Personal Payroll Assistant
PS		        Printing Services, 131 Bunnell



RAHI 		Rural Alaska Honors Institute (UAF)
RAM 		        Resilience and Adaptive Management (UAA)
RAP 		        Resilience and Adaptation Program (UAF)
RBUD		        Restricted Budget
REI		        Reichardt Building
REQ		        Requisition
RHS		        Rural Human Services Program
ROTC		Reserve Officers' Training Corp


SAC 		        Cutler Apartment Complex
SAR 		        Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAF)
SEL 		        Spatial Ecology Laboratory (UAF)
SFOS 		School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (UAF)
SIH 		        Signers' Hall
SLED 		Statewide Library Electronic Doorway
SMC 		        Seward Marine Center (UAF)
SNAP 		Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning (UAF)
SNRAS 		School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences (UAF)
SNRP 		Specialized Neuroscience Research Program
SOAFC 		Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union (located in the Wood Center)
SOM 		        School of Management
SRC 		        Student Recreation Center
SW	 	        Statewide System of the University of Alaska


TA		        Travel Authorization form
TEM                  Travel & Expense Management
TER		        Travel Expense Report
TFS		        Toolik Field Station
TTY/TDD		Teletypewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
TWEAK	 	Tsunami Warning System of Alaska (UAF)


UA		        University of Alaska system
UAA		        University of Alaska Anchorage
UAF		        University of Alaska Fairbanks
UAFSCTF		UAF Sustainable Campus Task Force
UAS		        University of Alaska Southeast
UAV		        Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UPARK		University Park Building, 1000 University Ave
USDA		        United States Department of Agriculture
USGS		        U.S. Geological Survey


VC		        Vice Chancellor


WC		        Wood Center
WERC		Water and Environmental Research Center
WFB		        Wells Fargo Building @ 794 University Ave
WHIT		Whitaker Building
WRRB		West Ridge Research Building




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