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Dolly Shot at the Tanana River Location for ALASKALAND Spring 2011
Dolly Shot at the Tanana River Location for ALASKALAND Spring 2011. Photo by Jodi Samsel.

The Alaskan Lens captures the people, stories, places, and unique viewpoint of Alaskans by Alaskans. Alaskan film is infused with the voices of history and cultural knowledge, and embedded in the geographic wonder of the North.   Alaska film students are asked to create content that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of our isolation and interdependence. They are encouraged to make films that are self-reflective of the Alaskan diversity of language, cultural complexities, and strong traditions of Northern peoples. The Alaskan Lens will seek partnerships with established filmmakers of the North and South and serve to bridge the needs of today’s students with the future of digital storytelling.

Students will be prepared in both conceptual and artistic expression as well as technical and professional expertise. They will be strongly prepared to continue their education in graduate programs, work in a career path, or venture into the field on a path of their own making.   Our graduates will have both clarity and capacity to focus their vision on the world.

Film Major Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Film

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Film Studies - Minor

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Interdisciplinary Degree

Highly motivated students may also benefit from an Interdisciplinary Degree, by which students may design their own unique curriculum.

Previous and current examples of such degrees include:

  • B.A. degree in Writing for Film and Television (Interdisciplinary degree with creative writing, film studies, and film production)
  • B.T degree in Yup'ik Filmmaking (Interdisciplinary degree with Yup'ik language, business, and film production

For more information, contact the Interdisciplinary Studies office.

Register for Film Classes!

Register online for Film Courses. Classes available to majors, and Non-Degree seeking students. Two-week Intensives available in January, May and Three-weeks during FRAME in June.  Six week Intensives offered June-August. Alaska Film Training at the only accredited University film degree program in Alaska!

Film Students on Location
Andrew Adlesperger and Tricia Bates on set.