I The meeting was called to order by President Gatterdam at 1:30 p.m. A. ROLL CALL MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: Barnhardt, C. Amason, A. Basham, C. Bandopadhyay, S. Bruder, J. Barry, R. Curda, L. Butcher, B. Gardner, J. Duffy, L. Garza, D. Hartman, C. Gatterdam, R. Luick, B. Illingworth, R. Mammoon, T. Mason, J. Manfredi, R. McBeath, J. Musgrave, D. McLean-Nelson, D. Norcross, B. Mortensen, B. Robinson, T. Reynolds, J. Sankaran, H. Shepherd, J. White, D. Sonwalkar, V. Wiens, J. Stephens, D. Winker, K. Swazo, N. Yarie, J. Weber, J. Zilberkant, E. OTHERS PRESENT: Chukwu, G. Davis, M. Ducharme, J. Gregory, G. Kan, J. Layral, S. Lincoln, T. Lind, M. Maginnis, T. Martin, W. Murphy, E. Norris-Tull, D. Reichardt, P. NON-VOTING MEMBERS PRESENT: NON-VOTING MEMBERS ABSENT: Minannism, G. - GSO Banks, S. - President, ASUAF Collins, J. - Dean, SOM Downes, I. - President, UAFSC Leipzig, J. - Dean, CLA Tremarello, A - University Registrar B. The minutes to Meeting #94 (April 3, 2000) were approved as distributed via e-mail. C. The agenda was approved with item V. Consent Agenda, B. moved to agenda item VI. Unfinished Business. II Status of Chancellor's Office Actions A. Motions Approved: 1. Motion to amend the BBA degree requirement. B. Motions Approved with Modifications: 2. Motion to amend the Department Head Policy. 3. Motion to amend Section 3 (Article V: Committees, Standing, Permanent) of the Bylaws to add a BAS Steering Committee. C. Motions Pending: 1. Motion to approve the Certificate and AAS degree concentration in Emergency Medical Services. (A request for a 90 day extension was approved by the Administrative Committee) Ron Gatterdam reviewed the status of the motions and the modifications made by the Chancellor. The Department Head Policy motion consisted of two changes. The first was to change the name from Department Head to Department Chair. The second change was with regards to notification of appointment. The issue with the BAS Steering Committee was the selection of the BAS Coordinator. This has been changed to a recommendation to the Provost on the selection. No one objected to the changes. Modifications to the Dual Enrollment motion have been sent back to the Curricular Affairs Committee for further review. III Comments from Chancellor, Marshall Lind - Chancellor Lind indicated that work on updating the Strategic Plan is moving along. Six groups have been formed to update the six major goals. After meetings with faculty member in the College of Natural Resource Development and Management, Chancellor Lind will be going to the Board of Regents to discuss the break up of the College into three separate entities--SOM, SME, and SALRM. It looks like the FY01 operating budget will be what we asked for. With the new money we will need to move the process of hiring along. Administration will do all they can to expedite the process, especially during the summer. Lind encourages everyone to work closely with administrative council to make things happen. With the new money and with the savings from RIP we will be filling positions. They might not be the same as those vacated. They will be filled in accordance with projected needs. Friday, May 5, will be Rasmusen Day at UAF, in recognition of the many contributions the Rasmusen's have made to the university. It will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the library. Norm Swazo indicated they have received email from the Chukchi Campus about a vote of no confidence in the campus director and the CRA Executive Director, Ralph Gabrielli. Linda Curda asked about an update concerning the Faculty Advisor to the President. John Leipzig indicated that Phil Hacker has been appointed. Comments from Provost, Paul Reichardt - Provost Reichardt has received a Memorandum of Understanding from United Academics which puts some contract provisions into place on September 1. Several changes include a relaxation in the degree to which post-tenure review has to mirror promotion/tenure review. There are some changes to the dates. It leaves some dates of the process to be determined. And it removes reference to external letters for the Post-Tenure review. Reichardt would like the forms to be updated so faculty will have them before they go off contract. Reichardt then spoke about the process for planning for FY01 & FY02. A handout of the overhead was distributed. Reichardt gave an overview of where we are and where faculty fit into the planning. The planning process at UAF is based upon the principle that the best ideas come from the people in the trenches. In terms of this years planning, there are five different places where things go. For most of the Fairbanks campus, ideas come from schools/colleges/institutes and go through one of the three working groups to the Provost Council. CRA has there own planning process and is the second block. The third block for planning is the Student Services Management Team. The fourth area is the Administrative Services Director's planning group. This is the group that deals with infrastructure, such as student computing, networking, etc. Finally, there is the Faculty Senate and the planning process for new academic programs. The question comes what process do we us to finalize the FY02 initiatives. There are a number of groups that already advise the Chancellor. Another question is how to use the Master Planning Committee. Should it be an advisory group or should it be modified to be a committee council structure to assist with planning at the Chancellor's level. Ron Gatterdam asked that CRA also have a line through the Faculty Senate. Paul Reichardt asked what we are trying to represent. CRA does come through the Faculty Senate in terms of academic planning. But they also have their own initiative process that leads directly to the Chancellor and not through the Provost Council. Janice Reynolds asked about the infrastructure of modifying classrooms. When updating the classrooms there is a need to ask the users where they need things placed. IV Governance Reports A. ASUAF - S. Banks Stacey Banks was not available to give a report. GSO - G. Minanissen George Minanissen reported that the graduate students have been busy with thesis defense and studying for finals. They are organizing their group to better serve the graduate students. It will involve moving from a volunteer basis to an elected board. They will continue to work with the Graduate School and ASUAF. B. Staff Council - I. Downes Irene Downes was not available to give a report. C. President's Comments - R. Gatterdam Ron Gatterdam indicated that the material from Chukchi campus has been forwarded to all senate members. V Consent Agenda A. Motion to amend the Graduate Degree Requirements, submitted by Graduate & Professional Curricular Affairs The motion was approved with the adoption of the agenda. MOTION ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves to amend the Graduate Degree Requirements (page 39 & 43 of the 2000-2001 UAF Catalog) as follows: [[ ]] = Deletions CAPS = Additions GENERAL UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS Grade Point Average and Grade Requirements You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) for good standing and to graduate. You must earn an A or B grade (no P grades) in [[300-]] 400 level courses; a C grade will be accepted in 600-level courses provided you maintain a B grade average. For the purposes of graduate good standing and meeting degree requirements, all grades, including those generated from retaking a course, are included in the GPA. MASTER'S DEGREES Credit Requirements a. Successfully complete a minimum of 30 semester credits. b. Complete at least 21 semester credits, including those earned for the thesis and research/project, at the 600-level. Remaining credits may be applied from courses at the [[300- and]] 400-level. c. No 100-, 200-, 300-, or 500-level credits may be applied toward master's degree requirements. EFFECTIVE: Immediately Upon Chancellor Approval RATIONALE: The above changes delete the use of 300-level courses as fulfilling graduate level course requirements. This brings UAF policy in the catalog into compliance with the Board of Regents' decision to disallow the use of 300-level courses for graduate study. **************** VI Unfinished Business A1. Motion to amend the UAF Faculty Appointment and Evaluation Policies & Regulations for the Evaluation of Faculty, submitted by Faculty Appeals & Oversight Ron Gatterdam indicated that the point of this motion was to place Unit Criteria back into the "Blue Book". Tara Maginnis also indicated that this motion would put the reference of Unit Criteria back into the policies. A small addition is who gives the Provost the list of names for the different committees. Ron Illingworth had concerns that ACCFT members do not need Unit Criteria because they have wording in their contract. John Bruder proposed an amendment stating that any development of standards and indices would be consistent with the language of the collective bargaining agreements. Nothing in this precludes what is it the contract. After more discussion there was a motion to send it back to committee for clarification on how it meshes with the contracts. The motion to refer in back to committee passed. MOTION: ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves to refer the motion to amend the UAF Faculty Appointment and Evaluation Policies & Regulations back to committee. **************** A. Motion to approve the deletion of the B.A. & B.S. in Physical Education & Exercise Science, submitted by Curricular Affairs Charlotte Basham indicated that this action came forward as a result of the suspension of the program and lack of faculty. John Leipzig indicated that they will retain the minor in Athletic Coaching. The motion passed unanimously. MOTION PASSED ============ The UAF Faculty Senate moves to delete the B.A. in Physical Education, the B.S. in Exercise Science, and the Minor in Physical Education. EFFECTIVE: Fall 2000 or Upon Board of Regents' Approval RATIONALE: See full program proposal #114 on file in the Governance Office, 312 Signers¹ Hall. *************** Executive Summary As a consequence of the Program Assessment conducted in the mid 1990s, the Physical Education and Exercise Science degrees came under review and preliminary consideration was given to phasing out the degrees. In May 1997, following a resignation of the sole faculty member in Physical Education and Exercise Science, new admissions to the degree programs and minor were suspended. From 1997 through fall 1999, existing majors and minors in these degree programs were provided courses through lecturers and adjunct faculty. All of the students impacted completed their coursework by December 1999 and will have graduated by spring 2000. Since May 1997, the degree programs have functioned without full or part-time faculty, without a budget, and with no staff. Consequently, there will be no personnel effects, no budgetary effects, no effects on facilities, and no effects on current student enrollment if deletion of the degrees is approved. It is important to retain the courses within the discipline of PE and offer them as service courses as demands warrants. Several of the aquatic courses are taught periodically by American Red Cross Instructors or Instructor Trainers. A number of the courses have been taught as needed by the Athletic coaches. Two courses continue to be cross-listed, one with Education and taught by Education, and the other with Psychology and taught by Psychology. Finally, several courses are extremely useful for teacher education and advancement, as well as teacher training in PE. Courses will be offered as demand warrants during the academic year and during summer sessions. **************** B. Motion to amend the policy on Minors available for the B.A. degree, submitted by Curricular Affairs Charlotte Basham introduced the motion and indicated that it would allow a broader group of AAS degrees to be used as minors for the BA degree without the need to petition for exceptions. The motion passed unanimously. MOTION: ====== An Associate of Applied Science degree earned at any regionally accredited college or university may be used to meet requirements for a minor for the Bachelor of Arts degree. EFFECTIVE: Immediately Upon Chancellor Approval RATIONALE: Currently we accept only those AAS degree programs listed in the Catalog (Pg. 30, 2000-2001 Catalog). There are other associate of applied science degrees offered through UAF (TVC) that cannot be used in this manner unless approved through the petition process. In addition, UAF recognizes any AAS degree from an accredited institution towards the Bachelor of Technology degree. **************** C. Motion to amend Article V: Committees, of the Bylaws, submitted by Graduate & Professional Curricular Affairs and Graduate School Advisory Committee Ron Gatterdam indicated that this would merge the two graduate committees. Jim Gardner also spoke on the motion. The motion passed unanimously. MOTION: ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves to amend Section 3 (Article V: Committees, Standing, Permanent) of the Bylaws, as follows: CAPS - Addition [[ ]] - Deletion [[STANDING 3. The Graduate & Professional Curricular Affairs Committee will include five Senate members and will be responsible for the review and approval of graduate courses, curriculum and graduate degree requirements, and other academic matters related to instruction and mentoring of graduate students. The committee will also have responsibility for oversight, review and approval of all professional degree courses and programs including 500-level courses. The Dean of the Graduate school, Director of the Library, the University Registrar, and one graduate student, are non-voting ex-officio members. PERMANENT 1. The Graduate School Advisory Committee will include three full-time faculty members appointed by the Senate President, three full-time faculty members appointed by the Provost, and one graduate student selected by the Provost from nominations submitted by the graduate faculty and student senate. The graduate student must have completed a minimum of one full year of attendance at UAF. Each department with a graduate program is limited to no more than one member. The Dean of the Graduate School and the President of the Faculty Senate are ex-officio non- voting members. The Dean of the Graduate School will convene regular meetings, and must convene additional meetings if requested by two members of the committee. The committee will advise the Dean of the Graduate School and the Provost on administrative matters pertinent to the operation and growth of graduate studies at UAF, including financial and tax-related issues and dealings with other universities. All recommendations regarding curricular matters will go to the Graduate Curricular Affairs Committee and the Faculty Senate for approval.]] PERMANENT 1. THE GRADUATE ACADEMIC & ADVISORY COMMITTEE WILL INCLUDE TEN FACULTY MEMBERS. THE DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL, DIRECTOR OF THE LIBRARY, THE UNIVESITY REGISTRAR, AND TWO GRADUATE STUDENT, ARE NON-VOTING EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS. THE COMMITTEE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF GRADUATE COURSES, CURRICULUM AND GRADUATE DEGREE REQUIREMENTS, AND OTHER ACADEMIC MATTERS RELATED TO INSTRUCTION AND MENTORING OF GRADUATE STUDENTS. THE COMMITTEE WILL ALSO HAVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OVERSIGHT, REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF ALL PROFESSIONAL DEGREE COURSES AND PROGRAMS INCLUDING 500-LEVEL COURSES. THE COMMITTEE WILL ADVISE THE DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL AND THE PROVOST ON ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS PERTINENT TO THE OPERATION AND GROWTH OF GRADUATE STUDIES AT UAF, INCLUDING FINANCIAL AND TAX-RELATED ISSUES AND DEALINGS WITH OTHER UNIVERSITIES. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: The UAF Faculty Senate committee structure is more effectively and efficiently served by combining the duties of the Graduate & Professional Curricular Affairs and the Graduate School Advisory Committee. **************** There was a motion to reconsider the referral of a previous motion to committee. The motion to reconsider passed. MOTION: ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves to reconsider the referral of the motion to amend the UAF Faculty Appointment and Evaluation Policies and Regulations. Paul Reichardt indicated that he would like to get the instructions for next year's review cycle to faculty before they go off contract. Ron Gatterdam indicated that we could pass the motion provisionally with instructions to the committee to clean up the wording and bring it back. This would allow the Provost's office to proceed in getting forms and material out to faculty. The motion to reconsider passed. The motion to accept the Faculty Appointment and Evaluation Policies and Regulations as written provisionally until early next semester when the committee can correct the wording and bring it back to the Senate was approved. MOTION: ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves provisionally to amend the UAF Faculty Appointment and Evaluation Policies and Regulations for the Evaluation of Faculty: Initial Appointment, Annual Review, Reappointment, Promotion, Tenure, and Sabbatical Leave as attached. EFFECTIVE: Immediately Upon Chancellor's Approval RATIONALE: Unit Criteria as a component of evaluation, tenure, and promotion was apparently removed from the last "Blue Book" due to an erroneous belief that the faculty union contracts rendered them void or redundant in the "Blue Book". This is emphatically not the case, and so we have reinserted the relevant paragraphs on Unit Criteria from the previous "Blue Book". The Faculty Appeals and Oversight Committee will make corrections to bring the policy into agreement with the ACCFT contract and submit it for reconsideration at the October 2000 Faculty Senate meeting. *************** [[ ]] = Deletion CAPS = Addition III. PERIODIC EVALUATION OF FACULTY B. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES ARE THE RECOGNIZED VALUES USED BY A FACULTY WITHIN A SPECIFIC DISCIPLINE TO ELUCIDATE, BUT NOT REPLACE, THE GENERAL FACULTY CRITERIA ESTABLISHED IN A., ABOVE, FOR EVALUATION OF FACULTY PERFORMANCE ON AN ONGOING BASIS AND FOR PROMOTION, TENURE AND SABBATICAL REVIEW. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES MAY BE, BUT ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE, DEVELOPED BY THOSE UNITS WISHING TO DO SO. UNITS THAT CHOOSE NOT TO DEVELOP DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES MUST FILE A STATEMENT SO STATING WITH THE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE WHICH SHALL SERVE AS THE OFFICIAL REPOSITORY FOR APPROVED UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES, IF DESIRED, WILL BE DEVELOPED BY THE FACULTY IN A DISCIPLINE. AFTER APPROVAL BY A MAJORITY OF THE DISCIPLINE FACULTY, THE UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES WILL BE REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY THE COGNIZANT DEAN WHO WILL FORWARD THE UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES TO THE PROVOST. THE PROVOST WILL REVIEW FOR CONSISTENCY WITH POLICY AND WILL FORWARD THESE STANDARDS AND INDICES TO THE SENATE FOR ITS AND THE CHANCELLOR'S APPROVAL. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES WILL BE REVIEWED PERIODICALLY BY THE FACULTY OF THE UNIT. REVISION OF UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES MUST FOLLOW THE ESTABLISHED REVIEW PROCESS. IF THE UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES ARE NOT REVISED, A STATEMENT OF REAFFIRMATION OF THE CURRENT UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES MUST BE FILED WITH THE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE, FOLLOWING THE REVIEW. UNIT STANDARDS AND INDICES, WHEN DEVELOPED BY THE FACULTY AND APPROVED BY THE SENATE AND THE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE, MUST BE USED IN THE REVIEW PROCESSES BY ALL LEVELS OF REVIEW. THEIR USE IS NOT OPTIONAL. IT SHALL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CANDIDATE FOR TENURE OR PROMOTION TO INCLUDE THESE APPROVED STANDARDS AND INDICES IN THE APPLICATION FILE. IV. EVALUATION PROCESS FOR RETENTION, PROMOTION, TENURE, AND POST TENURE REVIEW A. Linkage of Promotion/Tenure. An award of tenure is concurrent with promotion and vice versa. Any faculty member applying for promotion to the associate level must also apply for tenure; and a faculty member at the rank of assistant professor may not apply for tenure without concurrently seeking advancement to the rank of associate professor. B. Faculty with Academic Rank 1. Criteria and Eligibility. A record of continuing effective performance shall be expected. Procedures, performance criteria and requirements are set forth in the applicable union contracts, UAF Faculty Policies, and in policies of the Board of Regents and the regulations of the University system currently in effect and as they may change. 2. Review Process. Promotion and tenure of a faculty member results from a multi-level process of evaluation beginning in the academic unit of the candidate. a. Constitution and Operation of the University-wide Peer Review committees. (1) For the purpose of evaluation for tenure and/or promotion of members of the United Academics bargaining unit, a list of the names of seven tenured unit members will be presented BY THE UAF FACULTY SENATE to the Provost who will select the committee or committees. Each unit peer review committee may nominate one of its members to serve. The list will be determined from those nominees by vote of all faculty who serve on unit peer review committees. Faculty shall remain on the list for a term of two years with the terms being staggered. No specific peer review committee can be represented by more than one person. A faculty member may not stand for promotion during the term of appointment to the list. (2) For the purpose of pre or post tenure evaluation of members of the United Academics bargaining unit, a list of the names of seven faculty members will be presented BY THE UAF FACULTY SENATE to the Provost who will select the committee or committees. Each unit peer review committee may nominate one of its members to serve. The list will be determined from those nominees by vote of all faculty who serve on unit peer review committees. Faculty shall remain on the list for a term of two years with the terms being staggered. No more than one faculty member on the list can be a member of any specific peer review committee. A faculty member may not stand for post tenure revue during the term of appointment to the list. (3) For the purpose of evaluation for tenure and/or promotion of members of the ACCFT bargaining unit, a list of the names of nine faculty members will be presented BY THE CRA EXECUTIVE DEAN to the Provost who will select the committee or committees. The list will be selected from the tenured faculty in the ACCFT bargaining unit by vote of those faculty. Faculty shall remain on the list for a term of two years with the terms being staggered. A faculty member may not stand for promotion during the term of appointment to the list. The Provost will appoint two members from the United Academics University-wide Promotion/ Tenure Committee to serve on the ACCFT Promotion/Tenure Committee. **************** D. Motion to approved the list of the 1999-2000 degree candidates, submitted by Administrative Committee Norm Swazo introduced the motion. Ron Gatterdam said this was an opportunity for the Faculty Senate to approve the degree candidates. The motion was approved unanimously. MOTION ====== The UAF Faculty Senate recommends to the Board of Regents that the attached list of individuals be awarded the appropriate UAF degrees pending completion of all University requirements. [Note: copy of the list is available in the Governance Office, 312 Signers' Hall.] EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: These degrees are granted upon recommendation of the program faculty, as verified by the appropriate department head. As the representative governance group of the faculty, we are making that recommendation. **************** VII Annual Committee Reports A. Curricular Affairs - C. Basham A report was attached to the agenda. Charlotte Basham received a clarification on how credits can counting toward degrees requirements. The Curricular Affairs Committee will meet on Monday, May 8th. This year's committee has agreed to serve as a working group to update the Strategic Plan on Undergraduate Education. B. Faculty Affairs - N. Swazo A report was attached to the agenda. A new issue dealing with the Chukchi campus have been raised and Norm Swazo asked that the Chancellor's Office keep the Senate appraised on this though the Faculty Affairs Committee. C. Graduate & Professional Curricular Affairs - J. Gardner A report was attached to the agenda. D. Core Review - J. Brown A report was attached to the agenda. E. Curriculum Review - S. Bandopadhyay No report was available. F. Developmental Studies - J. Weber A report was attached to the agenda. G. Faculty Appeals & Oversight - T. Maginnis A following committee report was distributed as a handout. The Faculty Appeals and Oversight Committee met on 4/14 and again on 4/17 to discuss the proposed outline of administrator review procedures, the BOR policy on student disputes, and changes to the "Blue Book" requested by the Provost. In both cases we could get no more than four members assembled in order to vote on these important issues, so Godwin Chukwu sensibly suggested that we send out the results of these conferences to all members for a more comprehensive voting. This was done. After online voting the committee brought two motions to the Administrative Committee. One on a proposal on procedures for administrative review was referred back to the committee for polishing. The other, a motion to reinsert Unit Criteria into the faculty "Blue Book" is before the Senate today. Godwin Chukwu, who was elected, and has been serving, as vice chair of the committee this year, will take over from me as convener for the next meeting of the committee. H. Faculty Development, Assessment & Improvement - D. White A report was attached to the agenda. Joe Mason indicated that there is information on web based courses. I. Graduate School Advisory Committee - L. Duffy A report was attached to the agenda. J. Ad Hoc Committee - none VIII Public Comments/Questions - none IX Members' Comments/Questions Ron Gatterdam thanked the members of the Senate for giving him this opportunity and a special thanks to committee chairs for their efforts during the year. He also gave a special thanks to Paul Reichardt and Marshall Lind. Ron felt that we are fortunate to have administrators who are sensitive to faculty affairs. He also said that it was Sheri Layral who made it all work and made the faculty and Senate look good. Norm Swazo made a presentation of the following resolution of appreciation to Ron Gatterdam. It was accepted unanimously. RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION FOR RONALD W. GATTERDAM WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served Faculty Governance in its many forms over the years in a manner deserving of the UAF Faculty Senate's greatest admiration and respect; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as an alternate 1983-84, member 1984-86 and as President of the Fairbanks Assembly from 1987-88; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as Senator to the UAF Faculty Senate from 1988-89, 1990-92 , and 1997-1999; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as a member of the Curricular Affairs Committee from 1990-92 and 1997-1998; and as Chair of the Scholarly Activities Committee from 1991-92; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as Chair of the Administrative Committee and as President-Elect of the UAF Faculty Senate for 1998-99; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as a member of the UAF Governance Coordinating Committee from 1998-2000; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as a member of the UA Faculty Alliance of the UA Systemwide Governance Council from 1998- 2000 and has been instrumentation in developing the Faculty Liaison position in Statewide Administration; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has served as President of the UAF Faculty Senate from 1999-2000; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has been a constant voice for faculty involvement in University policy decisions; and WHEREAS, Ron Gatterdam has always put the education of students first; and WHEREAS, The UAF Faculty Senate wishes to acknowledge the outstanding service rendered the faculty and the University by the work of Ron Gatterdam as he concludes his term as president; now THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the UAF Faculty Senate acknowledges the many contributions of Ron Gatterdam and expresses its appreciation for his exemplary service. Ann Tremarello announced that commencement would take place an hour earlier this year and would begin at 12:30. Faculty should assemble at 11:45 in front of the lower dorms. ***************** X. Other Business A. Usibelli Awards Presentation Paul Reichardt gave the following background on the Usibelli awards. The Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research, and Service Awards were established in 1992 and are named in honor of Alaska pioneer Emil Usibelli, who established the Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc., a major contributor to the energy needs of Alaska and the company which funded the endowment to make these awards possible. These prestigious awards are presented to individuals who display extraordinary excellence in one of three categories representing the Land, Sea and Space Grant mission of the University of Alaska Fairbanks--teaching, research, and public service. Individuals receiving an Emil Usibelli Award are being recognized for their exemplary contributions to the discovery, communication and use of knowledge. This year they also wished to recognize the faculty that were nominated. Nominated for the teaching award were: John Bruder, Gary Copus, Charlie Dexter, Mary Lindahl, Kara Nance, and Frank Soos. Nominees for the research award were: Don Button, Terry Chapin, Doug Kane, Jenifer McBeath, and Claus Naske. And nominees for public service were: Jerry Berman, Charlie Dexter, Jenifer McBeath, Brian Paust, and Madeline Schatz. UAF Chancellor Marshall Lind and Becky Phipps, from the Usibelli Coal Mine presented the following awards. Distinguished Teaching Award - John Bruder Distinguished Research Award - Terry Chapin Distinguished Service Award - Jenifer McBeath B. Emeriti Faculty Awards Announcement An announcement of the Emeriti faculty was made by Provost Reichardt. It includes: Dr. Barbara Alexander, CLA - Associate Professor of Humanities, Emerita Dr. John P. Bryant, IAB/CSEM - Professor of Plant Ecology, Emeritus Dr. Perry Gilmore, SOEd - Professor of Education, Emerita Dr. Vidyadhar A. Kamath, SME - Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Emeritus Dr. Michael Krauss, CLA - Professor of Linguistics and Director, Alaska Native Language Center, Emeritus Dr. Ruth Lister, TVC - Director, Emerita Dr. Janice McKenna Reynolds, CLA - Professor of Sociology, Emerita Professor Peggy Shumaker, CLA - Professor of English, Emerita Dr. David Smith, CLA - Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics, Emeritus Dr. Knut H. Stamnes, CSEM - Professor of Physics, Emeritus Professor Kesler Woodward, CLA - Professor of Art, Emeritus This concludes the 1999-2000 Senate. XI 2000-2001 Faculty Senate Members Take Their Seats A. Roll Call of 2000-2001 Members MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: Bruder, John Amason, Alvin Chukwu, Godwin Bandopadhyay, S. Curda, Linda Box, Mark Davis, Mike Butcher, Barbara Gardner, James Duffy, Larry Garza, Dolly Hartman, Chris Illingworth, Ron Kramer, Don Lin, Chuen-Sen Mammoon, Trina Lincoln, Tamara Rybkin, Alexei Mason, Joe Wiens, Jonathan Mortensen, Barry Murray, Maribeth McLean-Nelson, D. McRoy, Peter Robinson, Tom Rosenberg, Jonathan Roth, Mitch Shepherd, Judy Swazo, Norm Weber, Jane Zilberkant, Eduard B President's Remarks - Larry Duffy Norm Swazo, President-Elect, indicated that Larry Duffy was out of town attending a conference in Anchorage and his comments were attached to the agenda. Swazo welcomed all the new members of the Senate. XII New Business A. Motion to amend Article III - Membership, Section 2 of the Faculty Senate Constitution--***First Reading, submitted by Faculty Affairs Norm Swazo indicated that any amendment to the Constitution requires a 28 day review so this is a first reading. This amendment would allow research faculty voting membership on the Senate. Norm indicated that any comments should be directed to the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Senate will then deal with the motion in September. Ron Illingworth commented about the changes in wording from permanent employee to continuing appointment. This would preclude any term funded employees. Jim Gardner commented about the three year appointment requirement. GI has a number of research faculty who do not have a three year contact. He suggested that this wording be deleted. Dolly Garza suggested that there be a demonstration of holding an appointment for at least three years. Comments will be forwarded to the new committee and this motion will be voted on at the September meeting. ***FIRST READING*** MOTION ====== The UAF Faculty Senate moves to amend Article III, Section 2 of the UAF Faculty Senate Constitution as follows: [[ ]] = Deletions CAPS = Additions ARTICLE III - Membership Sect. 2 Voting members of the Senate must EITHER hold academic rank [[and must be]] WITH full-time CONTINUING APPOINTMENT AT [[permanent employees of]] the University of Alaska FAIRBANKS OR HOLD SPECIAL ACADEMIC RANK WITH TITLE PRECEDED BY ŒRESEARCH¹ AND HAVE A THREE-YEAR CONTINUING APPOINTMENT IN THE YEAR OF ELIGIBILITY AND ELECTION. EFFECTIVE: Upon Chancellor approval RATIONALE: The number of research faculty on campus has increased in recent years. Members of this faculty group seek participation in faculty governance as well as representation on the Faculty Senate. This change accommodates this group of faculty. **************** B. Motion to endorse 2000-2001 committee membership, submitted by Administrative Committee There was no discussion on the motion and it passed unanimously. A five minute break was held to elect chairs for the standing committees. New committee chairs are indicated below. MOTION PASSED ============ The UAF Faculty Senate moves to endorse the 2000-2001 committee membership as attached. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: New Senate members' preference for committee selection were reviewed and weighted against membership distribution from schools and colleges. *************** 2000 -2001 UAF FACULTY SENATE COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP STANDING COMMITTEES Curricular Affairs Sukumar Bandopadhyay, SME (02) Dolly Garza, SFOS (01) Michael Hannigan, CRA (02) Chris Hartman, CSEM (01) *Ron Illingworth, CRA (01), Chair Jonathan Rosenberg, CLA (02) Judy Shepherd, CLA (01) Eduard Zilberkant, CLA (02) Ex-Officio: ^Ann Tremarello, Registrar's Office Wanda Martin, Advising Center Student Faculty Affairs Alvin Amason, CLA (01) Mark Box, CLA (02) Godwin Chukwu, SME (02) Mike Davis, CRA (02) *Peter McRoy, SFOS (02), Chair Barry Mortensen, CRA (2) Jonathan Wiens, CSEM (01) Ex-Officio: PERMANENT COMMITTEES Committee to Nominate Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipients John Gimbel, CSEM (01) Jenifer McBeath, SALRM Trina Mammoon, CLA (01) Claus-M. Naske, CLA Non-University: Phil Younker Student: Ex-Officio: Paul Reichardt, Provost Core Review (Elected) Jin Brown, Communication, CLA (02)--Convener Suzanne Bordelon, English, CLA (01) Jill Faudree, Math, CSEM (02) Doug Schamel, CSEM, Sciences (02) Larry Vienneau, Humanities, CLA (02) Jordan Titus, Psy/Soc/SW, CLA (01) vacant, Engineering/Management (01) Student: Ex-Officio: ^Director, Library Sue McHenry, RSS Developmental Studies Committee (Elected) Nancy Ayagarak, Kuskokwim, CRA (00) Patty Baldwin, RSS (01) John Bruder, Bristol Bay, CRA (01) Lisa Buttrey-Thomas, Science, CSEM (00) Richard Carr, English, CLA (01) Jerah Chadwick, Devel. Studies, CRA (01) John Creed, Chukchi, CRA (01) Marty Getz, Math, CSEM (02) Cindy Hardy, TVC (02) Ron Illingworth, Interior Campus, CRA (01) Wanda Martin, Advising Center (01) Joe Mason, Northwest, CRA (02) Jane Weber, TVC (02)--Convener Ex-Officio: ^Jake Poole, TVC Faculty Appeals & Oversight Committee (Elected) *Godwin Chukwu, SME (01), Chair Brian Himelbloom, SFOS (01) Ed Husted, CRA (01) Oscar Kawagley, SOEd. (02) George Khazanov, CSEM (01) Kristy Long, CRA/ACE (01) Joan Moessner, CLA (02) Mitch Roth, CSEM (02) Dennis Schall, SOEd. (01) Rick Steiner, SFOS (02) vacant, CLA (01) vacant, CNRDM (02) Faculty Development, Assessment & Improvement Barbara Butcher, CRA/ACE (01) Burns Cooper, CLA (01) Linda Curda, CRA (01) Rheba Dupras, CLA (02) Deborah McLean, SOEd. (01) Tom Robinson, SOM (01)--Convener Alexei Rybkin (01) Graduate Academic & Advisory Committee James Gardner, CSEM (01)--Convener John Gimbel, CSEM (01) Chuen-Sen Lin, CSEM (02) Charles Mason, CLA (01) Maribeth Murray, CLA (02) Roger Ruess, CSEM (02) Harikumar Sankaran, SOM (02) 3 vacancies Ex-Officio: Joe Kan, Graduate Dean. Tamara Lincoln, Libraries Ann Tremarello, Director, A&R Larry Duffy, Senate President Graduate Student Graduate Student **************** C. Motion to approve the 2000-2001 UAF Faculty Senate meeting calendar, submitted by Administrative Committee The following two motion was approved unanimously without discussion. MOTION PASSED ============ The UAF Faculty Senate moves to adopt the following calendar for its 2000-2001 meetings. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: Meetings have to be scheduled and the Wood Center Ballroom reserved well in advance. ************ UAF FACULTY SENATE 2000-2001 Calendar of Meetings Mtg. # Date Day Time Type 96 9/25/00 Monday 1:30 p.m. audioconference 97 10/30/00 Monday 1:30 p.m. face-to-face 98 12/11/00 Monday 1:30 p.m. audioconference 99 2/5/01 Monday 1:30 p.m. audioconference 100 3/5/01 Monday 1:30 p.m. face-to-face 101 4/2/01 Monday 1:30 p.m. audioconference 102 5/7/01 Monday 1:30 p.m. audioconference/ face-to-face Location: Wood Center Ballroom **************** D. Motion to authorize the Administrative Committee to act on behalf of the Senate during the summer months, submitted by Administrative Committee The motion passed unanimously. MOTION PASSED ============ The UAF Faculty Senate moves to authorize the Administrative Committee to act on behalf of the Senate on all matters within its purview which may arise until the Senate resumes deliberations in the Fall of 2000. Senators will be kept informed of the Administrative Committee's meetings and will be encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings. EFFECTIVE: May 1, 2000 RATIONALE: This motion will allow the Administrative Committee to act on behalf of the Senate so that necessary work can be accomplished and will also allow Senators their rights to participate in the governance process. **************** XIII Members' Comments/Questions - none XIV Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m. Tapes of this Faculty Senate meeting are in the Governance Office, 312 Signers' Hall if anyone wishes to listen to the complete tapes. Submitted by Sheri Layral, Faculty Senate Secretary.