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A G E N D A UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 Monday, September 23, 1996 1:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Wood Center Ballroom
1:30 I Call to Order - Don Lynch 5 Min. A. Roll Call B. Approval of Minutes to Meeting #64 C. Adoption of Agenda 1:35 II Status of Chancellor's Office Actions 5 Min. A. Motions Approved: 1. Motion to change the approval process for credit overload applications. (Attachment 65/1) 2. Motion to change the approval process for adding or dropping a course prior to the last day of fee payment. (Attachment 65/2) B. Motions Pending: none 1:40 III Guest Speakers 10 Min. 1:50 IV Remarks by Chancellor J. Wadlow 15 Min. & Provost J. Keating Questions 5 Min. 2:10 V Governance Reports A. ASUAF - C. Wheeler 5 Min. B. Staff Council - P. Sowell 5 Min. C. President's Report - D. Lynch (Attachment 65/3) 5 Min. D. Faculty Alliance meeting - D. Lynch/M. Jennings 5 Min. 2:30 VI Public Comments/Questions 5 Min. 2:35 ***BREAK*** 5 Min. 2:40 VII New Business A. Motion to approved the Associate of Applied Sciences 5 Min. degree in Apprenticeship Technology (Attachment 65/4), submitted by Curricular Affairs B. Motion to affirm position on non-discrimination in the 5 Min. the workplace (Attachment 65/5), submitted by Faculty Affairs 2:50 VIII Committee Reports 30 Min. A. Curricular Affairs - Maynard Perkins (Attachment 65/6) B. Faculty Affairs - David Spell (Attachment 65/7) C. Graduate Curricular Affairs - Mark Tumeo (Attachment 65/8) D. Scholarly Activities - Bruce Finney E. CNCSHDR - Rudy Krejci F. Developmental Studies - Ron Illingworth G. Faculty Appeals & Oversight - Diane Bischak H. Faculty Development, Assessment & Improvement - Rich Seifert I. Graduate School Advisory Committee - Peggy Shumaker J. Legislative & Fiscal Affairs - Michael Jennings (Attachment 65/9) K. Service Committee - Kara Nance L. University-Wide Promotion/Tenure - John Keller 3:20 IX Discussion Items A. Retirement Incentive Program - D. Lynch 5 Min. B. Relation between Faculty Senate and United Academics - 10 Min. J. Craven 3:35 X Members' Comments/Questions 5 Min. 3:40 XI Adjournment **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/1 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE The UAF Faculty Senate Administrative Committee passed the following at its meeting August 29, 1996: MOTION ======= The UAF Faculty Senate moves to change the approval process for credit overload applications by deleting the section requiring the department head signature. Final approval will be granted by the advisor. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: This decision should be made by the student with their advisor; where the best information is available. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/2 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE The UAF Faculty Senate Administrative Committee passed the following at its meeting August 29, 1996: MOTION ======= The UAF Faculty Senate moves to change the approval process for adding or dropping a course prior to the last day of fee payment by deleting the requirement of the advisor¹s signature. An advisor¹s signature would still be required after the last day of fee payment. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: Since the implementation of phone registration, if a student has not paid their fees, they can add or drop courses by phone without an advisor¹s signature. However, if a student has paid their fees, they are required to complete an add/drop form and get their advisor¹s signature. In addition, if a student has not yet paid their fees and goes to the counter in Signers¹ Hall to request an add or drop, they are required to complete the form with an advisor¹s signature. The proposed change eliminates the double standard for students. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/3 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 STATEMENT TO THE UAF FACULTY SENATE - Don Lynch, President I wrote my comments on the Provost Council Meetings and the Regents Meeting for the last session of the Administrative Committee. I commend them to everyone's attention. For this meeting, I should like to highlight the issues which should or are likely to come before the Senate this year. Each committee can pick what it wants. I believe that each committee should create its own agenda; these are simply issues which have so far come to my attention. I recommend that our major Senate focus should be on Faculty Development. The reason is that this relates to every other issue involved, and our program of faculty development is limited in scope, currently lacks a focus, and needs to be related directly to the challenges of the next few years. Other a related issues: Academic Outcomes and Assessment, Teaching Effectiveness, Productivity defined as what is actually learned or mastered Faculty Workloads defined in terms of Productivity. Distance Delivery and Unity of Command. These mean establishing cooperative programs amongst the three major campuses involving faculty from each teaching through distance delivery techniques. The current model is the statewide BBA program run through Juneau. Others seem to be in planning stages including a Ph.D. in Anthropology combining Anchorage and Fairbanks faculty. Sexual Orientation. The Anchorage student organization has proposed once again inserting a prohibition against discrimination based on sexual orientation into Regents¹ Policy and are asking for an immediate resolution on our part. This issue has been referred to Faculty Affairs. Evaluation of Administrators and revision of our policy on the selection of Administrators. The former is under Faculty Appeals and Oversight. The latter requires merely some word changes in the definition of administrators. The issue of Regents¹ Policy requiring all those with 175 credits to pay graduate tuition for any additional courses appears to have been an error. I have circulated a Resolution regarding this matter to all governance units. My understanding is that the matter will be taken up at the Regents Meeting of September 26 and 27. Hopefully they will simply delete the policy which should never have been included in the first place. We have been asked to make a recommendation to personnel on the best way to present Faculty Service Awards. These are the awards given to faculty based on the number of years they have been at the University. In the past these have been past out at the Departmental level. I have no idea of what the best way is to do this. Student Retention issues including: reconsideration of the use of the No Basis Grade; moving the drop/add date later in the semester; elimination of the requirement for an advisor's signature on course change documents submitted to the registrar; elimination of the requirement for a Dean's signature approving students taking more than 18 credits; other matters. These have been referred to Curricular Affairs. I am suggesting that some committee consider formulating a faculty ethics policy. At present there is a limited Regent's policy regarding Research Faculty, but no general statement. Perhaps one is not needed, but I would like to see some committee consider this admittedly difficult subject in this day and age. My suggestion is both Faculty Affairs and Faculty Appeals and Oversight. This is an election year, and so I commend Legislative and Fiscal Affairs to arrange for candidates to come to our Campus and both have the opportunity to express their views and to meet with the Senate leadership to hear our views. My thanks to all of you who have agreed to serve as Committee Chairs this year. You are really the backbone of faculty governance. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/4 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY CURRICULAR AFFAIRS MOTION ======= The UAF Faculty Senate moves to approve the Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Apprenticeship Technology as amended by the Curricular Affairs Committee and with the Registrar¹s certification that the degree meets UAF requirements. EFFECTIVE: Immediately RATIONALE: See full program proposal on file in the Governance Office, 312 Signers¹ Hall. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/5 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY FACULTY AFFAIRS MOTION: ======== The UAF Faculty Senate reaffirms its position on non-discrimination in the workplace as originally passed by the UAF Faculty Senate at its Meeting #39 on February 8, 1993: RESOLUTION PASSED =================== WHEREAS, the University of Alaska Board of Regents is currently discussing University policy on nondiscrimination; and WHEREAS, the issues of discrimination and harrassment are being debated in universities nationwide; and THEREFORE, The Faculty Senate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks affirms its expectation that no discrimination against or harassment of individuals will be condoned on any of the campuses or in the programs or activities of the University. Consistent with this expectation, the Faculty Senate urges that all professional judgments be based on qualifications, abilities and performance. Attitudes, practices, and preferences of individuals that are essentially private in nature and that are unrelated to performance should provide no basis for judgment. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/6 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY CURRICULAR AFFAIRS CURRICULAR AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REPORT - Maynard Perkins, Chair The Curricular Affairs committee met on 9/12/96. Following is a summary of the meeting: 1) Attendance: Carol Barnhardt, Joan Braddock, John Creed, Jane Weber, Jerry McBeath, Terry McFadden, Maynard Perkins, Ann Tremarello, Paul Reichardt, Don Lynch, Gayle Gregory and Sheri Layral. 2) Election of Maynard Perkins as chair. 3) New meeting time- Friday's 10:30-12:00 noon. Sheri is sending a list out of possible days. Please review it (they are 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, 12/6). If it will not work for you let Sheri know. 4) Passed a motion to approved the AAS in Apprenticeship technology as amended by the committee and with the certification of the Registrar, as meeting degree requirements (vote of 5 ayes, 1 nay). This will come up on the senate meeting floor. 5) Discussion of UAF Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness Policy -- back to Dana with direction to identify who will be responsible to summarize ... (Deans, Dept. Heads) and other reworking. 6) agenda items to be continued at the next meeting. -Regent's policy 05.10.01 (j) (3) -Proposed amendment to the withdrawal policy: This is Dana Thomas' change to the withdrawal and the dropping of the NB grade. I know that there is a lot of concern for this amendment from different departments. Please check with your departments and faculty for input. The removal of the NB grade is, at least in the opinion of the Developmental Studies Committee, a philosophy change for the university. -Advisor signature requirements. This is coming out of the administrative committee and from students. This is a major idea and has many ramifications: how do we make sure students have graduate requirements, what is the process for letting the students know the policy, and may other things. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/7 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY FACULTY AFFAIRS FACULTY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REPORT - David Spell, Chair This committee met for the first time this school year and briefly reviewed past work by past committees. The Senate charge for this committee is to ³deal with policies related to workload, appointment, termination, promotion, tenure, sabbatical leave, and academic freedom.² To that end, this committee has agreed to examine the ethics policies at UAF, to try to quantify or at least articulate faculty productivity in terms of quality, to articulate faculty governance in the context of the union and to re-examine the role of faculty in the appointment and evaluation of administrators. N.B. These tasks will be carried out in consonance with other Senate committees. This committee brings one item of business, a Motion, before the Senate. The next meeting for this committee is scheduled for Monday, September 30, 1996 at 9:15 a.m. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/8 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY GRADUATE CURRICULAR AFFAIRS GRADUATE CURRICULAR AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REPORT - Mark Tumeo, Chair The Graduate Curricular Affairs Committee (GCAC) met on September 16, 1996 at 1 pm in the Chancellor's conference room. The meeting was mainly an organizational meeting to prepare for the upcoming year. 1. The first order of business was to confirm the chair. Mark Tumeo was elected Chair without objection. 2. There were two committee members absent. Pending contact with them to confirm availability, the regular meetings of the committee have been set for noon - 1:00 in the Chancellors Conference Room on 9/30, 10/28, and 11/18. 3. The committee reviewed the list of ex-officio members. We would like our ex-officio members to be active and attend the meetings. Ann Tremarello has traditionally sent Gayle Gregory to represent her at meetings. We felt it would be appropriate for Ms. Gregory to be added to the list as an ex-officio, either along with Ms. Tremarello or as a replacement. 4. The committee discussed division of labor between GCAC and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC). It is our understanding that our responsibility is to ensure that the QUALITY and PROCEDURES of the graduate programs of UAF are consistent and high. We have arranged to work closely with GSAC. The Chairs of each committee have been invited to attend meetings of both committees. Tumeo, and the Chair of GSAC, Dr. Peggy Shumaker, will work closely to ensure the committees are coordinated. 5. The major part of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of upcoming issues we will be dealing with. Important issues which the Committee will be studying are: a) the issuance of joint degrees with other campuses; b) policies on the degree programs in which courses are offered in Anchorage, Juneau, etc.. and accepted as equivalent courses towards a UAF Graduate Degree. This is done regularly on the Master's level, and Ph.D. programs are currently under development; c) course compression issues (week-long seminars, etc..) and receipt of University credits; d) Fall applications for new courses, program additions, course modifications and/or deletions; e) The creation of a Spring review period for new courses, programs, etc. **************************** ATTACHMENT 65/9 UAF FACULTY SENATE MEETING #65 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 SUBMITTED BY LEGISLATIVE & FISCAL AFFAIRS LEGISLATIVE & FISCAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REPORT - Michael Jennings, Chair Meeting Schedule for Fall 1996 ---------------------------- Wednesday, October 9, 1996, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 6, 1996, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 4, 1996, 2:00-3:30 p.m. We need more active members, this is a critical year; the union, state & local elections and a rather ³flat² forecast for the budget. Janice Reynolds has agreed to continue to chair the budget subcommittee. We need help in all aspects, President Lynch has charged us with increasing UAF¹s visability and connectedness to local and state policymakers, so as to better advocate the faculty¹s concerns. So if you¹ve an interest please contact me or just attend the next meeting.