The UAF Faculty Senate passed the following at its Meeting #128 on March 7, 2005:



The UAF Faculty Senate reaffirms that authority for setting the academic calendar traditionally--and for good academic reasons--belongs to the individual MAUs that comprise the University of Alaska. 

The UAF Faculty Senate further reaffirms that substantive changes to UAF’s academic calendar can only be made with the explicit agreement and approval of UAF’s Governance Coordinating Committee; that is, with the implicit approval by UAF faculty (through the Faculty Senate), staff (through Staff Council), and students (through ASUAF).  

The UAF Faculty Senate hereby charges the UAF Registrar to not publish a UAF academic calendar that has not been approved by UAF’s Governance Coordinating Committee.

EFFECTIVE:              Immediately

RATIONALE:              The UA VP for Academic Affairs recently announced a unilateral decision to establish a common start date for all MAUs, which most likely will change UAF's start date effective Fall 2006.  UAF's faculty, staff, and students have not been part of the decision making process.  The purpose of this motion is to clarify to all concerned how shared governance is supposed to work.