The UAF Faculty Senate passed the following at its Meeting #124 on September  20, 2004:



The UAF Faculty Senate moves to amend Section 3, (Article V, Committees, Standing) of the Bylaws pertaining to membership and adding the Faculty Research Oversight Committee.

[[  ]]  =  Deletion

CAPS = Addition

Sect. 3           (ART V:  Committees)

B.         Membership on standing and permanent committees will be for two years except as noted below with the possibility of re-appointment. The initial appointment or re-appointment is made by the Administrative Committee or as specified in the definition of a Permanent Committee and confirmed by the full Senate.  [[Senators are limited to serving on a maximum of one standing committee at any one time.]]  To provide continuity, terms will be staggered and an initial appointment may be made for one or two years as determined by the Administrative Committee based on need.


         8.         Faculty Research Oversight Committee

         The Faculty Research Oversight Committee shall review all classified and proprietary proposals, grants, and contracts according to the guidelines of the UAF Policy concerning Classified and Proprietary Research and advise the chancellor of their compliance or lack thereof with university policy.  The committee will publish an annual report on the status of classified and proprietary contracts, grants and proposals at UAF to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Research Oversight Committee will offer changes to the UAF policy as needed through periodic reviews occurring no less than once every 5 years.

         Membership on the committee shall be limited to 9 senators, with no more than 2 members being from the same unit. A Facilities Security Officer shall be an ex-officio member of the committee. The committee will also include someone from the Office of Sponsored Research and a designee of the chancellor as ex-officio members. Committee membership must broadly represent the university community.

EFFECTIVE: Immediately

RATIONALE: The new UAF Policy Concerning Classified and Proprietary Research calls for the Faculty Senate to establish a Faculty Research Oversight Committee to review all proposals and make recommendations to the chancellor for action. The policy includes guidelines for the review process.

The number of Faculty Senate committees has increased to a level that may require some of the senators to serve on more than one committee. Therefore, restrictions on committee membership on standing committees are removed.