The UAF Faculty Senate passed the following at its Meeting #100 on 
March 5, 2001:


The UAF Faculty Senate moves to approve a new integrated B.S./M.S. 
degree program in Computer Science.  

	EFFECTIVE:  	Fall 2001 
				Upon Board of Regents' Approval

	RATIONALE: 	See full program proposal #66 on file in 
				the Governance Office, 312 Signersą Hall.


Executive Summary
B.S./M.S., Computer Science

The Department of Mathematical Sciences proposes a NEW integrated 
Computer Science BS/MS degree program for qualified undergraduate 
students to complete BS and MS degrees in a shorter time than 
traditional BS plus MS degrees.  The combined accelerated degree for 
Computer Science undergraduate students is designed for students to 
complete both a Bachelor in Science and a Master in Science in five 
years.  The basic rationales for the program are:  

1.	Better use of University resources

2.	Leverage existing strong BS programs to increase graduate 

3.	A national trend in a highly demanding field

4.	An attractive option for qualified undergraduate students

Students, university, and industry are three most important 
components for the technology advancement.  Since this is an 
integrated program for excellent students through planning and 
commitments, it is a win-win-win (WWW) program.  Students can finish 
both degrees in shorter time without sacrificing educational quality in 
the discipline.  The university can retain excellent undergraduate 
students in the graduate program and increase the enrollment and 
throughput.  Computer science graduates have accepted positions with 
Microsoft, IBM, SUN, DEC, ARCO, BP as well as government agencies 
(state and federal), research institutes and centers.  They are main 
stream workforces for the information era.

The UAF Faculty Senate passed the following at its Meeting #100 on 
March 5, 2001:


The UAF Faculty Senate moves that the Senate agenda will include a 
standing agenda item on the university budget and it associated 
priorities, to be presented by the Chancellor and/or designated 

	EFFECTIVE:  	Immediately

	RATIONALE:  	Review of the university budget is one of 
		the charges of the Faculty Affairs Committee.