A Multimedia Approach

by Melissa Ide and Leslie Merriman

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A Word of Introduction

This website was originally presented by Melissa Ide, Leslie Merriman, and Terry Reilly at the National Collegiate Honors Counsel Conference in Washington D.C. in October of 2000, but it continues to be updated and expanded. The original goal of the project was to explore the connections between two men, Hector Berlioz and William Shakespeare, and present the research in an innovative, interesting, and unconventional way. One finding led to another until what emerged was a group of ideas much larger and much more complex than originally planned. The result of these ideas is not just an online research paper with a few animated gifs dancing in the background. If one were to read the text without the pictures and web format, something most definitely would be lost. "Interdisciplinary Shakespeare" finds a balance between technology and a conventional research paper, the resulting goal being to present something that is both academically sound, visually pleasing, and intellectually stimulating.

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