Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate students in English are traditionally offered teaching assistantships, which include tuition reimbursement, pedagogical training, and classroom experience. Our teaching assistants typically teach one course per semester under the supervision of the Director of Composition and an assigned faculty mentor. In addition, TAs assist five hours per week in the Writing Center. As of November 2022, we're in the process of updating this page. Please excuse any messy formatting as we fill out our TA bios.

Blume, Rachel (MFA)
Bolton, Elizabeth (MFA)
Coble, Audrey (MFA)
Corby, Emma (MA)
Cosman, Delcenia (MFA)
Dominick, Matthew (MFA)
he / him
areas of
study: Genre and Literary Fiction, the Short Story, Screenwriting
Feeley, Fidelis (MFA)
Ferguson, Lia (MFA)
Jacob, Jane (MFA)
Janesheck, KJ (MFA/MA)
they / them
areas of study: Poetry, Queer Studies, Environmental Literature
Kitts, Kathy (MFA)
she / her
areas of
study: Fiction Writing, Speculative Fiction: Long and Short Forms
Knuth, Jacob (MFA)
McIntyre, Nora (MFA)

Melendez, Manuel A. (MFA)
he / him
areas of study: Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting

Ott, Tim (MFA)
he / him
areas of study
: Fiction Writing, Russian Literature, Truth and Creativity

Rutherford, Julia (MFA)
Salzman, Aaron (MFA/MA)
Schomler, Zeke (MFA/MA)
Skaggs, Courtney (MFA/MA)
she / they
areas of study
: Creative Nonfiction, Ecocriticism, Popular Culture Studies
Yongue, Cade (MFA)