Student Groups in English

Keely O'Connell reads her nonfiction at an event in 2019. She wears denim overalls and a checkered shirt. She is holding a microphone.Students in English contribute to our literary community through a variety of student groups. The three listed below are all registered with UAF's Student Leadership and Involvement Office, which provides organizational support.

Creative Writing Club
The Creative Writing Club (CWC) provides a forum for undergraduate writers to share their creative work. Launched in Spring 2022, the group has already grown to hosting semi-monthly meetings. Members lead workshops, discuss craft issues, and distribute opportunities for publication and professional development. As the club develops, it hopes to host community events such as campus readings and outreach at local schools. All students are welcome to join CWC, regardless of their majors or areas of study. For the 2022-23 academic year, Ayden Harris is the club president, and Joseph Holt is faculty advisor.

Ice Box Literary Journal
Ice Box is the annual literary journal for UAF undergraduates. While the editorial staff is made up of students enrolled in ENGL 475: Practicum in Literary Publishing (spring semesters), Ice Box is also an official student group. During fall semesters, members prepare the journal's production budget, publicize the previous issue, post the annual call for submissions, and host a fundraiser book sale. For the 2023-24 academic year, Joseph Alloway is the club president, and Joseph Holt is faculty advisor.

English Graduate Organization

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) advocates for graduate students in the Department of English. Its goals are to promote the local literary community and to provide opportunities for professional development. The group hosts student readings, literary journal submission parties, and creative fundraisers. Through these events, EGO seeks to work with faculty and other professionals to prepare its members for careers in academia, writing, editing, and publishing. When possible, the group provides partial funding for officers or members to attend the annual AWP conference. EGO has existed since the mid-1980s at UAF. In that time it has served as a liaison between students, faculty, the College of Liberal Arts, and the university as a whole. For the 2022-23 academic year, KJ Janeshek is club president, and Gerri Brightwell is faculty advisor.

In the photo, poet and nonfiction writer Keely O'Connell reads her work at a recent EGO reading.