English Minor Programs

Aside from our English major, we also offer three separate minor programs: general English; Creative Writing; and Ancient, Medieval & Early Modern Studies. These programs are available to all University of Alaska Fairbanks students, regardless of major. Each one offers a different area of emphasis, while still allowing students to devise a course of study best suited to their individual interests.

English minor
The English minor requires that students take 18 upper-level English credits—nine at the 300 level or higher, and nine at the 400 level. With this freedom, students can shape their minor program to include coursework from our many offerings—everything from Beowulf to film studies, from traditional English grammar to contemporary Alaska Native literature. English minors are encouraged to select coursework in consultation with our faculty advisors.

Creative Writing minor
The creative writing minor requires that students take 15 credits from our poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and dramatic writing curriculum. All students must take Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL F270X). Following that, they select two courses from our intermediate offerings in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction writing (ENGL F375, F376 and F377). Finally, students choose two of our 400-level courses (ENGL F470: Topics in Creative Writing; ENGL F471: Undergraduate Writers’ Workshop; ENGL 475: Practicum in Literary Publishing; and ENGL F488: Dramatic Writing).

In the creative writing minor, students learn the skills of critical reading, creative production, and workshop etiquette. Most importantly, they produce a wealth of original writing in multiple genres. Students are also encouraged to participate in UAF’s rich literary community, which includes the Midnight Sun Visiting Writers Series and the student-run undergraduate literary journal Ice Box.

Ancient, Medieval & Early Modern Studies minor
amem courses for fall 2023, also available in UAF catalog
The Ancient, Medieval & Early Modern Studies minor is an 18-credit interdisciplinary program featuring coursework in English, Art, History, Music and Philosophy. In this program, students examine the struggles, prejudices and achievements of traditional Western culture. The curriculum (with course options linked below) requires that students take classes in at least three different disciplines; in this way, students develop a nuanced, comprehensive view of the Western tradition. For questions about the Ancient, Medieval & Early Modern Studies minor, please contact Dr. Eileen M. Harney at eharney@alaska.edu.