Sarah Stanley

228 Peregrine Drive Fairbanks AK 99712

812 Gruening • English Department • Fairbanks AK 99775 • 907-474-7335


2005 – 2011:         Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst

2003 – 2005:         M.A. Language and Literature. Univ. of Kansas,

1999 – 2003:          B.A. Creative Writing, summa cum laude. Creighton Univ.


Stanley, Sarah. “Noticing the Way: Translingual Possibility and Basic Writers.” Journal of Basic Writing. Spring 2013. 1-37.

--. “The Road Not Taken: John Dewey and Sentences as Limit Situations.” Radical Pedagogy. 11.2 (2014): 114-122.

Collaborative Publications (alphabetic order, not by first author)

--. “Revolving Doors and Jiggled Locks: Acquiring a Fairbanks Writing Program and WPA Literacy.” WPA in Transitions. Ed. Courtney Adams Wooten, Jacob Babb, Brian Ray. Accepted, under contract with Utah State UP.

--"Participatory Critical Rhetoric." Book Review. Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Service Learning, and Civic Action. Special Issue, October 2016.

Herrington, Anne and Sarah Stanley. “CriterionSM : Promoting the Standard.” Race and Racism in Writing Assessment. Ed. Asao Inoue and Mya Poe. Pages 47-62. Peter Lang Publishing, 2012.

Shoaps, Robin and Sarah Stanley. "Don't Say Drone": Hits and Misses in a Rhetorical Project of Naming. Rhetoric of Names and Naming. Ed. Star Vanguri. Routledge P, 2016.

Vinyard, Deirdre and the University of Massachusetts Amherst Basic Writing Collaborative.  Reading Multiple Literacies: An Exploration of Language, Identity, and Power.   Edited Collection.  Boston: Pearson, 2008. 


Conference Presentations

“Limbaugh’s Feminazi: Its Connotations, Associations, and Revelations.New England Women Studies Association. Storrs, CT. 3 April 2004.

“Literacy as Spatial Navigation: A Walk Through the Wall Street Journal and Its ‘Cubicle Culture’.” American Studies Association/Popular Culture Association. Boston. 4 April 2007.

“Writing a Path toward Social Change: A Critical Pedagogy of Grammatical Choice.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco. 12 March 2009.

“Directive and Nondirective Tutoring: What Do Our Assumptions Tell Us About Power Dynamics?” Roundtable (with Michelle Deal, Leslie Bradshaw, and Jessica Ouellette). New England Writing Center Association. Hartford. 4 April 2009.

“English in the plural?” Pacific Rim Conference. UAA, Anchorage. February 2011.

“What should we do with all this data? Designing a Writing Center study.” Writing Program AdministrationConference. Baton Rouge. July 2011.

 “Is Write Alaska a Participatory Culture?” Pacific Rim Conference. Roundtable. UAA, Anchorage. February 2012.

“How are success and failure relevant to the teaching of writing?” Pacific Rim Conference. Round table. UAA Anchorage. March 2013.

“Tejada’s Whisper: Micro, Meso, and Macro Levels of a Parenthetical Limit Situation.” College Composition and Communication. Las Vegas. March 2013.

“Engaged Curricular Infrastructure.” Conference on Community Writing. Boulder. October 2015. with graduate students.

“Noticing what you notice.” Computers and Writing. Rochester. May 2016. with undergraduate students.


Grants and Awards

Under Review. Digital Media Lab/McArthur Foundation $64,000. "Food Tells Stories." May 2016.

People’s Endowment Award $500. “Celebration of Writing.” March 2015.

People’s Endowment Award $1,500. “Celebration of Writing.” November 2012.

BP/Conoco Philips $5,000. “Continuing Professional Development.” September 2011

BP/Conoco Philips $5,000. “Continuing Professional Development.” September 2010

Sponsored Projects

  • Alaska State Writing Consortium Satellite Board with Anne Armstrong $7,000 “Teacher as Writer”

December 2011.

  • CLA and COE $1,350 “Teacher as Writer Support”

March 2012.

  • CLA and Office of the Vice Provost $6,000 “WPA Evaluator Service”

March 2012.

  • Office of the Vice Provost and CLA $8,000. Writing Program Development. Summer 2013.
  • Office of the Vice Provost $8,500. “Celebration of Writing.”

September 2012-Present.

  • UAF Cross Institutional Support $55,000+ “Write Alaska.”

Summer 2011-Present.

  • CLA, Graduate School, Vice Provost Support $19,250 “Pacific Rim Conference”

 February 2011-Present.

Curricular Teaching


Graduate Instructor

University of Kansas English Department

Fall 2003 to Spring 2005

  • Taught First-Year Writing courses, Composition and Literature and Composition 101.


Clark University

Fall 2007

  • Taught two sections of First-year writing, Expository Writing, both courses I developed original curricula for with a rhetorical genre theory focus.
  • Executed a learner-centered, critical pedagogy, with a portfolio assessment system.

Writing Tutor

University of Massachusetts Writing Center

Fall 2005 to Present

Writing Teacher

University of Massachusetts Writing Program

Fall 2005 to Summer 2010

  • Taught sections of first-year writing courses including English 111: Basic Writing and English 112: College Writing, using an explicit frame of diversity and language.
  • Co-designed and co-taught experimental writing courses including Dictionarymaking and Metaphor, asking students to reflect on and participate in creative meaning-making.
  • Executed learner-centered critical pedagogy, reflecting the goals and values of the University of Massachusetts’ rhetorically focused writing program.
  • Maintained class Website and message board using SPARK learning software.

Assistant Professor of English

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fall 2010 to Present

  • Designed and taught general education writing courses including English 111: Introduction to Academic Writing, English 211: Academic Writing about Literature, English 213: Academic Writing about the Social and Natural Sciences emphasizing critical reading and critical thinking.
  • Designed a new course for General Studies 294:Academic Recovery innovated course assessment by creating a custom card game.
  • Designed and taught upper-division writing courses including a new course English 482: Metaphor as Rhetoric for Social Change and anonlineEnglish 414: Research Writing, prompting students to go public with their writing.
  • Designed and taught upper-division and graduate level teacher training courses including English 685: Teaching College Composition andEnglish 485: Teaching Composition in the Schools, opening these classrooms up for public interaction, hybridity, and innovation.
  • Executed learner-led critical pedagogy, reflecting the goals and values of the University of Alaska Fairbanks rhetorically focused writing program.
  • Incorporated technologies into instruction, including WordPress, Prezi, Google Drive, and BlackBoard.

Victoria Avery Master’s Thesis Chair. Completed December 2014.

Nathan Feemster URSA Project Chair. Completed April 2016.

Megan Mericle Master’s Thesis. Chair. In process, expected May 2017.

Carol Simpson-Warner Doctoral Thesis. Chair. In process, expected May 2019.

University Service

CLA Representative on Student Academic Development and Achievement Committee

Fall 2010-2014.

CLA Representative on Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Advisory Board.

Fall 2011-2015.

Writing Representative on General Education Revitalization Committee

Spring 2012-2015.

Faculty Leader for Communication across the Curriculum, Faculty Learning Community

Fall 2013 to 2015.

University Activities

  • Engage in system-wide discussions about writing and placement.
  • Oversee 22 graduate teaching assistants and Write Alaska development.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for graduate students and lecturers who teach the university writing classes.
  • Review student petitions.
  • Assess the university writing classes.
  • Chair English Department Composition Committee.
  • Attend Developmental English Curriculum Committee, Advisor’s Roundtables, and Academic Recovery Team meetings.
  • Advise undergraduate and high school students who have questions about writing at UAF.
  • Advise 20 undergraduate students for Academic Recovery this year.


Professional Service

Conference Coordinator (with Anne Herrington and the Western MA Writing Project). Re-envisioning Writing Assessment: Diversity, Relevance, AchievementSouthbridge, MA May 2008 to October 2008 Symposium Coordinator Peter Elbow’s Symposium on the Theory and Teaching of WritingUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst January 2007 to Summer 2010 Editorial Board Member

Queen City Writers, a journal for undergraduate student writing and composing

May 2012-current.

Guest Reviewer

Journal of Basic Writing

March 2016.

Professional Activities

University Writing Specialist

University Writing Program

Fall 2010 to Present

  • Co-organized Roundtable: Where are the Women? at UAF (with Women & Gender Studies).

November 2010

  • Taught a sample class as CLA’s Teacher at Inside/Out for UAF Admissions

October 2011, Spring 2012, October 2013, October 2014

  • Participated in Alaska State Board of Education Standard Review

November 2010 to November 2011

  • Participated in Qualitative Research Network Forum as Discussion Leader.
    April 5, 2011
  • Met with JPSOS Americorps Media Crew to develop PR materials for Celebration of Writing

Summer 2012

  • Lectured for URSA Research Showcase

October 17, 2012

  • Led Personal Statement Workshop at Alaska Interior Medical Summit (with Karen Taylor and Rich Carr) October 27, 2012
  • Read and assessed student writing for Drexel University Program Assessment

July 2011-2013.

  • Participated in Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research.

July-August 2014.

  • Presented at 2016 Alaska Can! Conference with Jennifer Tilbury.

March 2016.

  • Presented at URSA Mentoring Discussion

April 2016.

  • Led Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Proposal Writing
  • Presented at Joy Elementary Identity Writing Workshop

April 2016.

  • Workshops

June 2011-Present


Academic Awards

Recipient - James A. Gowen Memorial Award from Kansas University for Excellence in the Teaching and Study of Composition 2005.

Member – Alpha Sigma Nu, Jesuit Honor Society. Creighton University, November 2002.

Fellow—Chancellor’s Program for Innovation in Technology and eLearning. Fall 2013-2014.

Professional Memberships

National Council of Teachers of English

College Composition and Communication

UNAC Representative Assembly

Public Service

President of the Board, Bread Line, Inc. Stone Soup Cafe and Stone's Throw, 501-3c. Fairbanks. July 2012-Present.

Collaborator, UAF Community of Writing. On or around October 20 each year in observance of the National Day on Writing.

Teacher, Women’s Writing Workshop at Fairbanks Correctional Center every Monday from 2:30-4pm.

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