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This site was constructed in conjunction with Professor Terry Reilly's Shakespeare courses at The University Of Alaska, Fairbanks. The syllabi for these courses are available here.

This site is designed to function as a starting place for Internet research into Shakespeare. The goal is that the site serve as a tool, directing users to the more helpful and useful sites available. What is here is by no means comprehensive. However, it is hoped that the utility of this page will grow as we are informed of new sites of interest to Shakespeare scholars.

If you would like to add a site or annotate an existing site, please do so here.

On-Line Shakespeare Resources  Texts On-Line  Performance Issues/Concerns  On-Line Literary Criticism  Shakespeare's World  Link Sites  Sites Dedicated to Specific Works  Shakespeare Related Sites of Interest

Shakespearean Texts On Line
A collection of sites with the plays and sonnets available for downloading or review

Performance Issues and Concerns
Sites concerned with stage craft and staging of Shakespeare's Plays (Historically and Currently

Globe Theatre sites:

On-Line Literary Criticism
On Line Literary criticism (not necessarily limited to Shakespearean Criticism)

Shakespeare's World
Renaissance studies, historical sites, information regarding the world in which Shakespeare lived and wrote. 

Shakespearean Links
A collection of link sites

Specific Shakespeare Plays
Sites dedicated to specific plays, performances, etc 


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