Past Theses

The following compiling of thesis titles (with committee chairs in parentheses) should provide a sense of the range of research projects undertaken by our M.A., M.F.A., MFA/MA and Interdisciplinary Ph.D.  students through the years.


Master of Arts

Samantha Grissom: "From Ennui to Egress: Walker Percy's Sovereign Wayfarer" (Coffman)

Master of Fine Arts

Jacob Robert Stephens: "The Cedar Grove and Other Sorrows" (Thomas)

James Harris: "Other Such Matters" (Crouse)

Bryr Ludington: "The Bindle Stiffs" (Crouse)


Master of Arts

Julie W. Ruth: "Never Happy and Honest at the Same Time"; History, Duality, and Impossible Choices in Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated (Carr)

Jacob Pinkston: "Post-Colonial Side Effects: Perceptions of Doctors and Medicine in 20th Century Irish Literature" (Coffman)

Nan Lallish: "Malice Domestic": Exploring the Host/Guest Relationship in Macbeth and King Lear" (Box)

Robert Byers: "Animals, Identity, and Companionship in Middle English Literature" (Grossweiner)

Robert Brown: "American Indian Stories: A Guide to the Development of Zikala-Sa's Sioux Identity" (Ruppert)

X'unei Lance Arron Twitchell: "Coyote's Song" (Brightwell)

Master of Fine Arts

Brooke O'Shay Sheridan: "Fortitude of the Ordinary World" (Burleson)

Tom Moran: "Boundary" ( Kamerling)

Gregory Woodrow Lyons: "Winter's Cricket" (Thomas)

Kyle Mellen: "Look At Us" (Crouse)

Carol Kaynor: "Anchoring the Sky" (Crouse)

Ann LaRee Johnson: "Animals and Men" (Heyne)

Jessica Caitlin Bryant: "Hands to Work" (Crouse)

Sara Jarvis: "Reading Beneath the Surface: "Jane Austen's Craft(iness) and Her Artful Women" (Dupras)

Kate Hove: "Ball and Chain: (Crouse)

Ryan Henderson: "And the Night Before" (Crouse)

A.M. Hartley: "Almanac" (Thomas)

Kevin C. Eib: "Proof of Identity" (Crouse)

Melina Draper: "Later the House Stood Empty: Poems" (Burleson)

Ian Dickson: "Lady on the Bell" (Burleson)

Douglas Scott Cost: "Analog Pop" (Burleson)


Master of Arts

Ryan Fleharty: "One Large Steppe for Russian Authorship: Gogol's Troika of Settings" (Carr)

Robert Byers: "Animal Companionship in the Middle English Ywain and Gawain: (Grossweiner)

Master of Fine Arts

Elizabeth Sharrock: "Her Firewater" (Thomas)

Edward Kim: "And Other Myths" (Burleson)

Patrick Barney: "In Memory of Days and Nights" (Farmer)

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts

John Edward Fletcher: "Remedy" (Carr)

Hans Burger: MA Thesis Title "Counterhistory in the Literature of Juarez" and MFA Thesis Title: " A vast Tapestry of Madness" (Crouse/Grossweiner)

Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Nathaniel Mohatt: "Shudder: Poems and Essay on Cancer, Care, and Healing" (Burleson)

Sarah Doetschaman: "Margaret Keenan Harrais: A Biography in Four Voices" (Carr)


Master of Arts

Jennifer Hoppough: "Author First, Asian American Second: How a Literary Shift in Asian American Literature is Contributing to a new Wave of Authors" (Carr)

Master of Fine Arts

Ryan Ragan: "As Far as the Light Will Carry" (Burleson)

Mollie Murray: "Metanoia" (Crouse)

Jenni Moody: "This Apocalypse Won't Last Long Enough" (Brightwell)

Christopher Lee Miles: "Squid Song" (Burleson)

Cody Kucker: "Let Planes Be Stars and Brambles Beasts" (Burleson)

Aaron Bauer: "Reasons You Trust a Giant" (Burleson)

Jody Marie Hassel: "To the Root" (Kamerling)

John L. Messick: "Refrigerators at the End of the Road" (Farmer)

Sarah Jane Holsteen: "What Home I Have" (Farmer)

Christie Hinrichs: "A Giant of Its Kind" (Farmer)

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Literature

Chris D. Malmberg: "Complicating Swinburne's Heroines" and "The Moon was for Witches" (Crouse/Carr)


Master of Arts

Emily Klotz: "The Meeting of Worlds: Postcolonialism and the Game-Worlds of Myst" (Heyne)

Heather Ann Stewart: "James Hogg, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Romantic Anachronism" (Edson)

Master of Fine Arts

Christopher Moran: "Sylph: A collection of poems on mytholo9gy, story, and transformation" (Burleson)

Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Literature

Zackary Medlin: MA Project Title: "Home Sweet (Sint)home: Diagnosing Modernity from Symptom to Sinthome" MFA Thesis Title: "A Familiar & Favorite Terror" (Burleson/Coffman)

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