Graduate Programs


The MA, MFA, and MFA/MA programs are designed around the regular academic year.  Graduate-level coursework is offered in fall and spring;  faculty consultations with students and defenses of graduate theses also take place during those two semesters.

The English Department accepts applications for the MFA and MFA/MA programs from persons who will be ready to begin graduate study in fall semester.  For the MA program, we accept applications from those who would like to begin graduate work in either fall or spring semester.  January 15 is the due date for applications for those who wish to begin the MA, MFA, or MFA/MA in the fall;  September 15 is the due date for those who wish to begin the MA in the spring.

For information about how to apply to be a graduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, please see the online application system available at the Office of Admissions website

Teaching positions are available to new and returning graduate students in the English Department;  they include a stipend and tuition waiver.  Teaching Assistants in these positions teach one section per semester of the general education writing courses (most likely WRTG 111X or WRTG 214X) under the supervision of the Director of University Writing and also tutor five hours per week in the UAF Writing Center and Computer Laboratory.  For more information on the University Writing Program.

For further information, please email:
Dr. Richard S. Carr
Department Chair
(907) 474-6361
Ms. Renee Pike
Office Manager
(907) 474-7193