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Sept. 6, 2022

Welcome to Week 2!

It happens that quickly. The first week is gone and this week is a short one. Before you know it, we’ll be diving into week three of the semester!

Take a quick pause for some self-reflection. Are the habits you are settling into going to lead you to where you want to be in 13.5 weeks? Are you studying enough to stay on top of things? Are you putting in the time? If your routine is already feeling stressed, now is a good time to make some changes. Do you need to find a different place to study? A different routine? Finding a place that works, a place you just go to even when you don’t feel like it can lead to success. Maybe it is a table at home, a study space in the library, in the Joseph Usibelli Engineering Building, or in Murie? A coffee shop? Next, find the time that works to just go there. Find a place and a routine that works for you. There is no shortcut to putting in the time. If you don’t already have it, build a habit that works. This strategy is tried and true. 

One more suggestion that I can’t resist go outside. It is so beautiful this time of year and so accessible. Birds are in the air, the colors are changing, the mosquitoes are gone, the weather is mild, and for many, this is the best time of year here in the Interior.

If you are residing on or attending the Troth Yeddha’ campus, take advantage of the UAF Boreal Arboretum and the extensive trail network right out your backdoor. Grab a friend or a few and go for a walk. No other university in the world has a trail system like this right out of its backdoor. As a student, this special place is for you to enjoy and explore. The ‘T-Field’ has sandhill cranes visiting this time of year. Smith Lake is home to migrating waterfowl of many kinds. Every day the forest is changing. It is a good place to go with someone else and it can be a good place to find rejuvenating solitude. Getting away from your books can be as important as diving in. 

If you are here in Fairbanks, take a moment to enjoy the changing of the season. Wherever you are, whether in Alaska or Afghanistan, take a moment to step away from the computer, engage with friends, and find a source of sustaining energy. Make this a habit for yourself as well. 

It is only fair that if I offer you unsolicited advice, you should have the opportunity to do so as well. What would you like to hear about? How can we improve your experience? Send your suggestions to me at obguthrie@alaska.edu.

Enjoy the rest of your second week at UAF!

— Owen Guthrie, vice chancellor for student affairs and enrollment management


UAF is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, educational institution and provider and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual: www.alaska.edu/nondiscrimination/.