July 9, 2019

Dear UAF alumni, faculty, staff and students:

You each play an important role in what we do. Without you, our university would not be where it is today, and we would not be the flagship university of the University of Alaska.

The university will make it through the changes that lie ahead. Tomorrow, the legislature is scheduled to vote on an override of the governor’s veto of $130 million to the University of Alaska. Either way the veto override vote goes, UAF will look different as we reposition to create efficiencies. However the future ahead takes shape, as your chancellor I will continue to take steps toward a diverse, inclusive and caring campus that embraces change and takes advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

Our alumni represent our past, present and future. Your successes remind us of the vital work we do, and your support inspires us to continue our work on behalf of future generations of alumni.

Faculty educate our students and create a learning environment that is as unique as the landscape in which we live. Thank you for making UAF the leading Arctic research university. Your knowledge and expertise are why students come to UAF.

Staff enable our faculty and students as they pursue their careers with UAF. No matter the call to action, UAF staff members are an amazing assembly of diverse and thoughtful individuals I feel fortunate to work with every day.

Students, thank you for believing in UAF and choosing a certificate or associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from one of our 15 campuses and learning centers located all over the state. Graduate students are the engine driving our globally important research. Thank you for your tireless pursuit of discovery.

With that said, we have a challenging week in front of us. Hold your head high and look forward as we prepare for the season to come.

Thank you for choosing UAF.

— Dan White, chancellor
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