Dear UAF community,

If you were able to listen in this morning to 360 North, you heard that the Legislature did not get 45 legislators in Juneau. The special session adjourned without an override of the governor’s budget veto. As such, this part of the process has ended and an override is no longer an option.

Although the override was not successful, the university still has the opportunity to receive supplemental funding through a possible “special appropriation” bill. If new funding is received through a special appropriation, it would come in as one-time funding for FY20. Legislators could be shaping a supplemental budget next week.
As we ready the university for the fall 2019 semester, I want to reassure staff, faculty and students that our doors will be open and UAF will be offering courses as planned for fall. Cost-saving actions will take time to implement. The Board of Regents will be meeting on Monday at which time the president will request a declaration of financial exigency (PDF).

In February, the BOR established a task force to look at university structure. That task force is scheduled to meet tomorrow by video from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. The work plan is up for discussion in light of the need for expedited cost reductions.

In a normal budget year the UA system office would have already distributed to UAF our portion of state funding. Unfortunately, the uncertainty in the budget has resulted in UAF not knowing what our distribution of funding will be or what changes might be made at the system level that will affect business continuity. I will be sure to continue my Cornerstone updates so you know what I know.

As we all work through this change, I have requested an onsite support and assistance space (PDF) for tomorrow, July 12, in the Wood Center conference room E/F from noon-2 p.m. The intent of the arrangement is to provide a gathering space for sharing rather than one-on-one counseling sessions. A licensed counselor will be on site. In addition to providing general assistance the counselor can also guide you through information about our Employee Assistance Program.

Thank you for your continued advocacy and support. The university and our community came together in an unprecedented way over the last few months. In this process were sown the seeds of a vibrant university to come, and I am grateful to all who joined us. I look forward to seeing you soon at UAF.

— Dan White, chancellor
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